Entertainment Software for Windows

Entertain yourself with the music, movies, books and news programs that you'll be able to find in this selection of entertainment software for Windows

Netflix English

Online TV and series on demand

Spotify English

Listen to music via streaming on your PC

Popcorn Time 6.0 English

Movies and series for free on your PC

TuneIn Radio English

Radio from all over the world on Windows

Shazam 4.7 English
Shazam 4.7

The best program to identify music on your PC

Zona English

Much more than online movies and series

Spotify Playlist Downloader 2.0 English

Download your favorite songs from Spotify

Hyper for YouTube English

Application that integrates YouTube into Windows

Flixtor 1.0 English
Flixtor 1.0

Wide range of online movies and series

myTuner Radio 1.1.0 English

Listen to radio stations from all over the world

TV 3L PC English

Live worldwide TV

Spotify Ripper 0.1.1 beta English
Spotify Ripper 0.1.1 beta

Record your favorite music on your hard drive directly from Spotify

Book Bazaar Reader 4.2.48 English

Your eBook collection in perfect conditions

Torrents Time English

The plug-in to use Popcorn Time in your browser

Readon TV Movie Radio Player English

TV channels from all over the world at your disposal

Pelismagnet Beta English
Pelismagnet Beta

The Popcorn Time specialized in movies in Spanish

Orbitron 3.71 English
Orbitron 3.71

Establish radio communications using satellites

RadioMaximus 1.85 English

Radio receiver to listen to radios from all over the world on your PC

Tubecast English

YouTube client for Windows

WorldTV 7.1 English
WorldTV 7.1

Tune into TV channels and radio stations from all over the world

Freda ePub eBook Reader English

Read books and great stories on your PC

Ham Radio Deluxe 6.4 English

Control your radio ham hardware via CAT

Wirecast 5.0.3 English
Wirecast 5.0.3

Broadcast your own signals on the Internet

MoreTV 3.53 English
MoreTV 3.53

Program to tune into the TV on your PC

Stremio 3.6.5 English
Stremio 3.6.5

Online movies and series player

Bookviser Reader 6.8 English

Read books in ePub format

StreamTorrent 1.0.0078 English
StreamTorrent 1.0.0078

Make the most of the torrent method's potential to watch TV

HamSphere English

Become a radio ham with your PC

iRadio Recorder 3.9 English

Record your favorite radio shows on your hard drive

TV Online Univ 3.100.4 English

Watch loads of TV channels on your PC

SoundFrost 3.8.0 English
SoundFrost 3.8.0

Download music from YouTube transformed into MP3

Google Play Music Manager English

Google's tool to upload your music to the cloud

Browser Popcorn English

Local version of the Popcorn Time for browsers

Tapin Radio 2.05 English

Tune into radio stations from all over the World

uMusic 0.3 English
uMusic 0.3

Upload whatever songs you want to YouTube

BookShelf 5.0 English

View any text as if it were an old book

FeedLab 3.0 English
FeedLab 3.0

Your application to not miss out on any news

Spotlite English

Listen to the music that suits your mood with Spotify

Mobipocket Reader 6.2 English

Your personal digital eBook library

Biblio 8.24 English
Biblio 8.24

A powerful library manager totally free of charge