File Recovery Software for Windows

If you've deleted a file from your computer, camera or memory card by mistake, you can try to recover it with our collection of file recovery software

Recuva 1.53.1087 English

Recuva 1.53.1087

The best tool to recover lost files

Download Recuva
USB Show 1.0.0 English

USB Show 1.0.0

Discover hidden files on your pendrive

Download USB Show
Dr.Fone for iOS English

Dr.Fone for iOS

Recover all sorts of data from Apple devices with iOS

Download Dr.Fone for iOS
HDD Regenerator 2011 English

HDD Regenerator 2011

Repair your physically damaged hard drive

Download HDD Regenerator
ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair 2.01 English

ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair 2.01

Tool to repair corrupt video files

Download ASF-AVI-RM-WMV Repair
Zip2Fix 1.0 English

Zip2Fix 1.0

Extract files from a damaged ZIP

Download Zip2Fix
GetDataBack for FAT 4.30 English

GetDataBack for FAT 4.30

Recover your hard drive's data you thought you had lost

Download GetDataBack for FAT
Avira UnErase Personal 1.4 English

Avira UnErase Personal 1.4

Simple recovery application to rescue deleted files

Download Avira UnErase
ExcelFIX 5.66 English

ExcelFIX 5.66

Recover data from corrupt Excel files

Download ExcelFIX
GetDataBack for NTFS 4.30 English

GetDataBack for NTFS 4.30

Recover the lost data from your NTFS discs

Download GetDataBack for NTFS
Klix 1.2.1 English

Klix 1.2.1

Recovery of digital photos

Download Klix
iCare Data Recovery 4.6.4 English

iCare Data Recovery 4.6.4

Recover the files that you thought you had lost

Download iCare Data Recovery
MPEG Header Corrector English

MPEG Header Corrector

Repair your corrupt MPEG files

Download MPEG Header Corrector
iBackup Extractor 2.25 English

iBackup Extractor 2.25

App to explore and restore backups on your iPhone

Download iBackup Extractor
Smart Data Recovery 4.4 English

Smart Data Recovery 4.4

Easily recover lost data from FAT and NTFS disks

Download Smart Data Recovery
DiskDigger English


Recover files that you thought you had lost

Download DiskDigger
Meteorite 0.11 Beta English

Meteorite 0.11 Beta

Recover corrupted MKV files

Download Meteorite
Pandora Recovery 2.2.1 English

Pandora Recovery 2.2.1

Recover files deleted from your hard drive

Download Pandora Recovery
Hetman Photo Recovery 4.5 English

Hetman Photo Recovery 4.5

Software to recover photo files

Download Hetman Photo Recovery
WanaKiwi 0.1 English

WanaKiwi 0.1

Tool to decrypt files blocked by WannCry

Download WanaKiwi
OfficeFIX 6.94 English

OfficeFIX 6.94

Recover your damaged Microsoft Office files

Download OfficeFIX
CD Recovery Toolbox Free English

CD Recovery Toolbox Free

Recover data from any damaged disc

Download CD Recovery Toolbox
iBin 2.9 English

iBin 2.9

Add a recycling bin to your pendrive

Download iBin
Disk Heal 1.48 English

Disk Heal 1.48

Recover your computer after suffering a virus attack

Download Disk Heal
MultiStage Recovery 4.11 English

MultiStage Recovery 4.11

Recover your deleted files

Download MultiStage Recovery
O&O FormatRecovery 4.1.1146 English

O&O FormatRecovery 4.1.1146

Recover any partition deleted accidentally

Download O&O FormatRecovery
FileWing 2.6 English

FileWing 2.6

Recover deleted files

Download FileWing
Smart NTFS Recovery 4.5 English

Smart NTFS Recovery 4.5

Recover data accidentally deleted from NTFS drives

Download Smart NTFS Recovery
O&O UnErase 6.0.1899 English

O&O UnErase 6.0.1899

Recover files deleted accidentally

Download O&O UnErase
My Flash Recovery 2.1 English

My Flash Recovery 2.1

Recover data from your external storage units

Download My Flash Recovery
MailBrowserBackup 0.2 English

MailBrowserBackup 0.2

Make backups of your browser and email client

Download MailBrowserBackup
XLS Regenerator 2.12 English

XLS Regenerator 2.12

Recover your deleted or corrupt Excel documents

Download XLS Regenerator
DivXRepair 1.0.1 English

DivXRepair 1.0.1

Recover videos damaged while downloading them

Download DivXRepair
Disk Drill English

Disk Drill

Software to recover deleted files

Download Disk Drill
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home 4.1 English

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home 4.1

Tool to recover files deleted accidentally

Download Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home
Wondershare Data Recovery 6.0.0 English

Wondershare Data Recovery 6.0.0

Recover data from your PC and storage devices

Download Wondershare Data Recovery
Smart Flash Recovery 4.4 English

Smart Flash Recovery 4.4

Tool to recover data on FAT and NTFS file systems

Download Smart Flash Recovery
MP3val 0.1.8 English

MP3val 0.1.8

Analyze and repair any corrupted MP3 files

Download MP3val
Easy Office Recovery 1.4 English

Easy Office Recovery 1.4

Recover any damaged Microsoft Office document

Download Easy Office Recovery
DivFix++ 0.34 Beta English

DivFix++ 0.34 Beta

Repair your damaged AVI movies

Download DivFix++