Firefox Plugins for Windows

Add extra functions to the web browser of the Mozilla Foundation by installing the add-ons available in our selection of Firefox plugins for Windows

Adobe Flash Player English

Adobe Flash Player

The web multimedia player

Download Adobe Flash Player
Firesheep 0.1 English

Firesheep 0.1

Check if someone is attacking your sessions on social networks

Download Firesheep
Siphon 0.9.8 English

Siphon 0.9.8

Import your Firefox add-ons to any computer

Download Siphon
BYTubeD 1.1.1 English

BYTubeD 1.1.1

Download videos from YouTube with Firefox

Download BYTubeD
Video DownloadHelper 4.9.24 English

Video DownloadHelper 4.9.24

Download videos from the Internet by means of Firefox

Download Video DownloadHelper
RightToClick 2.9.5 English

RightToClick 2.9.5

Enable right clicking where it wasn't possible

Download RightToClick
F.B. Purity 8.7.0 English

F.B. Purity 8.7.0

Choose what will be shown on your Facebook home page

Download F.B. Purity
Zotero 3.0.14 English

Zotero 3.0.14

Complete manager for citations

Download Zotero
Facebook Toolbar 1.8.2 English

Facebook Toolbar 1.8.2

Integrate Facebook into Firefox

Download Facebook Toolbar
TV-FOX English


More than 2,500 TV channels live from Firefox

Download TV-FOX
MEGA extension 1.0.3 English

MEGA extension 1.0.3

Mega's official add-on for Firefox

Download MEGA extension
DownThemAll 2.0.17 English

DownThemAll 2.0.17

Download manager integrated into Firefox

Download DownThemAll
Fasterfox 3.9.85 English

Fasterfox 3.9.85

Improve the performance of Firefox

Download Fasterfox
Greasemonkey 2.3 English

Greasemonkey 2.3

Download scripts to modify any web page

Download Greasemonkey
FoxyProxy Standard 4.1.3 English

FoxyProxy Standard 4.1.3

Increase the configuration options of your proxy connections

Download FoxyProxy
Unfriend Notify Facebook 0.1 English

Unfriend Notify Facebook 0.1

Find out who has unfriended you on Facebook

Download Unfriend Notify Facebook
Faceplus 1.17 English

Faceplus 1.17

Express yourself with emoticons on Facebook

Download Faceplus
ReloadEvery 17.0.0 English

ReloadEvery 17.0.0

Automatically reload a website on Firefox

Download ReloadEvery
Missing e 2.14.3 English

Missing e 2.14.3

Add some extra options to Tumblr

Download Missing e
Autofill Forms English

Autofill Forms

Fill in forms automatically

Download Autofill Forms
Picnik 2.3 English

Picnik 2.3

A photo editor for Firefox

Download Picnik
Flagfox 4.2.13 English

Flagfox 4.2.13

Find out the location of a web server

Download Flagfox
EPUBReader English


Enjoy reading eBooks on your browser

Download EPUBReader
Torrent Finder Firefox Toolbar 1.3 English

Torrent Finder Firefox Toolbar 1.3

A toolbar in your Firefox browser to search for torrents

Download Torrent Finder
All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.25 English

All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.25

All Firefox's management tools in one place

Download All-in-One Sidebar
Unhide Passwords English

Unhide Passwords

Show your complete passwords without asterisks

Download Unhide Passwords
Default FullZoom Level 5.8 English

Default FullZoom Level 5.8

Configure your browser's zoom level

Download Default FullZoom Level
Stylish 1.3.1 English

Stylish 1.3.1

Customize the visual aspect of your favorite web pages

Download Stylish
Facebook Phishing Protector 4.3.2 English

Facebook Phishing Protector 4.3.2

Protect your data from phishing on Facebook

Download Facebook Phishing Protector
Cooliris Firefox 1.12 English

Cooliris Firefox 1.12

Transform your Firefox into a multimedia explorer

Download Cooliris Firefox
Facebook Video 2.2.1 English

Facebook Video 2.2.1

Download videos uploaded to Facebook

Download Facebook Video
Google Wave 0.0.3 English

Google Wave 0.0.3

New wave notifier for Firefox

Download Google Wave
Right Inbox 3.6.0 English

Right Inbox 3.6.0

Schedule when to send emails in Gmail

Download Right Inbox
Firefox OS Simulator English

Firefox OS Simulator

OS Emulator for Mobile Mozilla

Download Firefox OS Simulator
LeechBlock English


Block any web in Firefox

Download LeechBlock
FlashGot English


Integrate your favorite download manager into Firefox

Download FlashGot
ArchView 0.7.1 English

ArchView 0.7.1

Look inside ZIP, RAR or ISO files before downloading them

Download ArchView
Timeline Remove 1.1.0 English

Timeline Remove 1.1.0

Disable the new Facebook Timeline

Download Timeline Remove
Google Toolbar Firefox 7.1.20110512W Beta English

Google Toolbar Firefox 7.1.20110512W Beta

Access Google's services from Firefox

Download Google Toolbar Firefox
Who stole my pictures? 0.0.9 English

Who stole my pictures? 0.0.9

Find out if your images have been stolen

Download Who stole my pictures?