Games for PC (Page 30)

Bring out your inner gamer and make the most of these games for PC: from graphic adventures to actions games, as well as the most classic video games

Beach Buggy Racing 1.2.7 English

Beach Buggy Racing 1.2.7

Buggy races at full speed

Download Beach Buggy Racing
Terminus English


The much-awaited game about the movie Speed

Download Terminus
The Lost Vikings English

The Lost Vikings

Help three Vikings to return to their world

Download The Lost Vikings
Another World 20th Anniversary Edition English

Another World 20th Anniversary Edition

Help the physician to fight for his life

Download Another World
Police Mini Bus Crime Pursuit 3D English

Police Mini Bus Crime Pursuit 3D

Chase criminals with a police van

Download Police Mini Bus Crime Pursuit 3D
Cut the Rope 2 English

Cut the Rope 2

Help Om Nom to catch candies

Download Cut the Rope 2
Dead Space 3 English

Dead Space 3

A stunning science fiction and terror shooter

Download Dead Space 3
Outlast English


Mental hospital with terrible secrets

Download Outlast
Sky Cue Club English

Sky Cue Club

Very realistic pool game

Download Sky Cue Club
Razer Synapse English

Razer Synapse

Cloud controller for your gamepads

Download Razer Synapse
Enhanced Wasteland 1.0 English

Enhanced Wasteland 1.0

Fallout 4 mod that makes it brighter

Download Enhanced Wasteland
Heroes of the Storm English

Heroes of the Storm

A battle between Blizzard's legendary heroes

Download Heroes of the Storm
Gunship Sniper Shooting Assault English

Gunship Sniper Shooting Assault

Neutralize the terrorist threat

Download Gunship Sniper Shooting Assault
Shadow Complex Remastered English

Shadow Complex Remastered

Epic Games' classic is back

Download Shadow Complex
Can You Escape 2 English

Can You Escape 2

Solve the mysteries if you want to escape

Download Can You Escape 2
Lumino City English

Lumino City

Indie game with stunning settings

Download Lumino City
Happy Chef English

Happy Chef

Become the best chef

Download Happy Chef
Mirrors of Albion English

Mirrors of Albion

Puzzle game inspired on the Lewis Carroll universe

Download Mirrors of Albion
Sniper Fury English

Sniper Fury

Prove your skill as a sniper

Download Sniper Fury
Total Quest English

Total Quest

Fight for the supremacy of the Roman Empire

Download Total Quest
blueMSX 2.8.2 English

blueMSX 2.8.2

MSX and MSX2 emulator

Download blueMSX
Street Fighter V English

Street Fighter V

A new Street Fighter game

Download Street Fighter V
Nail Art Salon Simulator English

Nail Art Salon Simulator

A simulator to paint your nails

Download Nail Art Salon Simulator
Modern City Sniper Mission English

Modern City Sniper Mission

Fight the terrorist threat

Download Modern City Sniper Mission
Unreal Kart 1.0 English

Unreal Kart 1.0

A real Mario Kart for PC

Download Unreal Kart
Broforce English


Free the 8-bit world from the terrorist threat

Download Broforce
Cool Dash English

Cool Dash

A colorful classic platform arcade game

Download Cool Dash
Shardlight English


Face up against the oligarchs and save the population

Download Shardlight
War Thunder English

War Thunder

War simulation game

Download War Thunder
PunkBuster 3.8 English

PunkBuster 3.8

An anti-cheat system for online games

Download PunkBuster
Kopanito All-Stars Soccer 1.0 English

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer 1.0

A crazy and fun football game

Download Kopanito All-Stars Soccer
Punch Club English

Punch Club

Join the Punch Club and take vengeance on your father's death

Download Punch Club
Comix Zone English

Comix Zone

The PC version of SEGA's so-called comic simulator

Download Comix Zone
Snake Slither English

Snake Slither

The Windows version of

Download Snake Slither
DMCA's Sky English

DMCA's Sky

The alternative to No Mario's Sky

Download DMCA's Sky
Altered Beast English

Altered Beast

PC version of SEGA's beat'em up

Download Altered Beast
Poly and the Marble Maze 1.1.6 English

Poly and the Marble Maze 1.1.6

Move the ball around the maze

Download Poly and the Marble Maze
Battlefield 1 English

Battlefield 1

Maybe the best shooter based on World War I

Download Battlefield 1
Civilization VI English

Civilization VI

Eighth installment of one of the best turn-based strategy games

Download Civilization VI
Titanfall 2 English

Titanfall 2

The much-awaited sequel to Titanfall

Download Titanfall 2