Games for PC (Page 8)

Bring out your inner gamer and make the most of these games for PC: from graphic adventures to actions games, as well as the most classic video games

Mini Football Head Soccer 2016.225.1615.0 English

Mini Football Head Soccer 2016.225.1615.0

Play entertaining football matches

Download Mini Football Head Soccer
Toca Train English

Toca Train

A train simulator for kids

Download Toca Train
Sail Simulator English

Sail Simulator

Sail the seas thanks to this racing sailing simulator

Download Sail Simulator
Real Madrid Club Football 2005 English

Real Madrid Club Football 2005

Take charge of the best club in the world in the 20th Century

Download Real Madrid Club Football
NeonDS 0.2.1 English

NeonDS 0.2.1

A great Nintendo DS emulator

Download NeonDS
Future Pinball 1.9.1 English

Future Pinball 1.9.1

Play pinball with customized designs

Download Future Pinball
Yahtzee 2.4 English

Yahtzee 2.4

The entertaining dice game now on your PC

Download Yahtzee
Call of Duty: Black Ops English

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Become an elite soldier

Download Call of Duty: Black Ops
Counter Strike 1.6 Z-Bot English

Counter Strike 1.6 Z-Bot

Mod to play Counter Strick with AI-controlled bots

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Z-Bot
Game Accelerator 12.0.95 English

Game Accelerator 12.0.95

Improve your gaming experience

Download Game Accelerator
FIFA Manager 12 English

FIFA Manager 12

Run a full football club and win the major competitions

Download FIFA Manager 12
Danger from the Deep pre3327 Beta English

Danger from the Deep pre3327 Beta

Destroy all the enemy boats with your submarine

Download Danger from the Deep
SAS Secure Tomorrow English

SAS Secure Tomorrow

Become part of the counter terrorism forces

Download SAS Secure Tomorrow
WRC FIA World Rally Championship 2010 English

WRC FIA World Rally Championship 2010

Enjoy the World Rally Championship like you had never imagined

Download WRC FIA World Rally Championship
AutoREALM 2.2.1 English

AutoREALM 2.2.1

Develop you own maps for your RPG adventures

Download AutoREALM
Escape from Monkey Island English

Escape from Monkey Island

Fourth installment of the adventure of the most famous pirate

Download Escape from Monkey Island
Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures Video English

Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures Video

Video presentation of Conan the game

Download Age of Conan
Oblivion Video English

Oblivion Video

Free the Tamriel Empire from the demon invasion

Download Oblivion
CSI Hard Evidence English

CSI Hard Evidence

Become a new member of CSI Las Vegas

Download CSI Hard Evidence
Medal of Honor: Airborne English

Medal of Honor: Airborne

Action also takes place in the air

Download Medal of Honor: Airborne
Croc's World 3 English

Croc's World 3

The third installment of Croc's World

Download Croc's World 3
Terraria Video English

Terraria Video

Live incredible adventures

Download Terraria
Virtual RC Racing 3.5.2 English

Virtual RC Racing 3.5.2

Remote control car races from your computer

Download Virtual RC Racing
Need for Speed World English

Need for Speed World

One of the most entertaining online car racing games

Download Need for Speed World
FIFA 09 English


Enjoy the best football on your PC

Download FIFA 09
TibiaBot NG 5.1.0 English

TibiaBot NG 5.1.0

Make sure your Tibia game is going full steam ahead

Download TibiaBot NG
Hitman: Blood Money English

Hitman: Blood Money

New adventure of the most feared sadist assassin

Download Hitman: Blood Money
Game Maker Studio 1.3.1386 English

Game Maker Studio 1.3.1386

Create your own video games

Download Game Maker
Duke Nukem Forever English

Duke Nukem Forever

Discover the latest instalment of Duke Nukem

Download Duke Nukem Forever
Spore Video English

Spore Video

Discover part of this peculiar universe

Download Spore
WinDS Pro 2017.08.26 English

WinDS Pro 2017.08.26

Play the best Nintendo DS and Game Boy games on your computer

Download WinDS Pro
Halo 2 Video English

Halo 2 Video

First person shooter by Microsoft

Download Halo 2
Empire Earth 3 English

Empire Earth 3

Fight throughout the history of mankind

Download Empire Earth 3
Cheating-Death 4.33.4 English

Cheating-Death 4.33.4

Software that takes care of detecting cheats in online games

Download Cheating-Death
Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy English

Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy

A graphic adventure with a complete script

Download Fahrenheit
Bejeweled LIVE English

Bejeweled LIVE

Combine gems and clear them off the panel

Download Bejeweled LIVE
The Mean Greens 1.7 English

The Mean Greens 1.7

A plastic soldier war game

Download The Mean Greens
German Truck Simulator 1.32 Austria Edition English

German Truck Simulator 1.32 Austria Edition

Sit behind the wheel of a truck and deliver your load

Download German Truck Simulator
World Basketball Manager 1.9.2969 English

World Basketball Manager 1.9.2969

Become a real basketball coach

Download World Basketball Manager
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 English

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4

Live Harry Potter's adventures in a world built with LEGO

Download LEGO Harry Potter