Home and Leisure Software for Windows

The best collection of applications for your free time, hobbies and leisure can be found in this category of home and leisure software for Windows

Proteus 8.7.25444.0 English

Proteus 8.7.25444.0

Electronic circuit and microprocessor simulator

Download Proteus
NI Multisim Student Edition 13 English

NI Multisim Student Edition 13

The best software to design PCBs

Download NI Multisim
PSpice Student 9.1 English

PSpice Student 9.1

Very good circuit analysis software

Download PSpice
Livewire Standard 1.60 English

Livewire Standard 1.60

Design and simulate electronic circuits

Download Livewire
OrCAD 16.3 English

OrCAD 16.3

The best tool to design PCBs

Download OrCAD
Tuning Car Studio SK English

Tuning Car Studio SK

Pimp your ride

Download Tuning Car Studio
LabVIEW 2012 English

LabVIEW 2012

Development environment for industrial applications

Download LabVIEW
Scramby English


Modify your voice and add effects to any conversation

Download Scramby
Kinovea 0.8.15 English

Kinovea 0.8.15

Improve your training by analyzing your movements

Download Kinovea
Logisim 2.7.1 English

Logisim 2.7.1

Learn everything to be known about digital circuits

Download Logisim
AstroWorld 2001 English

AstroWorld 2001

Get to know the secrets of astrology with this program

Download AstroWorld
SofaScore English


Windows app for sports results

Download SofaScore
e-Sword 11.0.6 English

e-Sword 11.0.6

The best software to study the Holy Bible

Download e-Sword
Solve Elec 2.5 English

Solve Elec 2.5

Application ideal for electronics students

Download Solve Elec
McCAD EDA Tools Lite English

McCAD EDA Tools Lite

Design printed circuit boards

Download McCAD
ProfiCAD 6.7 English

ProfiCAD 6.7

Simple tool with which you can build your electric circuits

Download ProfiCAD
SEE Electrical LT 2005 Build 57 English

SEE Electrical LT 2005 Build 57

Create electricity projects and their documentation

Download SEE Electrical LT
PCB 2009-11-03 English

PCB 2009-11-03

Carry out your own electronic designs with this software

Download PCB
qucs 0.0.18 English

qucs 0.0.18

Graphical electronic circuit simulator

Download qucs
MSN Weather English

MSN Weather

MSN's weather app

Download MSN Weather
Perfect365 English


Make up with a single click

Download Perfect365
PCB Artist 1.4 English

PCB Artist 1.4

Design your electronic circuits with this easy-to-use free application

Download PCB Artist
Voice Changer Software 7.0.47 English

Voice Changer Software 7.0.47

Play with your voice adding entertaining effects

Download Voice Changer Software
SwordBible 5.42 English

SwordBible 5.42

The Bible in your hands as you had never seen it before

Download SwordBible
Astro22 7.60.01 English

Astro22 7.60.01

Create your own natal chart

Download Astro22
KiCad 2013.03.31 English

KiCad 2013.03.31

Create printed circuits boards and electronic schematics with this tool

Download KiCad
TimePassages English


Check the stars from your desktop

Download TimePassages
My Star World 2.12.5 English

My Star World 2.12.5

Create your natal chart with this simple program

Download My Star World
Spin & Win English

Spin & Win

Play many games on a special wheel of fortune

Download Spin & Win
My Talking Angela English

My Talking Angela

Look after Angela and have fun with her minigames

Download My Talking Angela
Reference Finder 4.0.1 English

Reference Finder 4.0.1

Complex program to learn paper folding

Download Reference Finder
Fake Voice 2.5 English

Fake Voice 2.5

Transform your voice to make it sound different

Download Fake Voice
Vehicle Manager Professional Edition 2012 English

Vehicle Manager Professional Edition 2012

Complete software for vehicle management and maintenance

Download Vehicle Manager
Extra 1X2 3.1 English

Extra 1X2 3.1

Software to improve your chances in 'La Quiniela'

Download Extra 1X2
Anti Mosquitos 1.0 English

Anti Mosquitos 1.0

Mosquito repellent with no secondary effects

Download Anti Mosquitos
Wilcom Truesizer 2.0 B English

Wilcom Truesizer 2.0 B

Change the size of your sowing designs

Download Wilcom Truesizer
Calendar Magic 18.0 English

Calendar Magic 18.0

Discover the secrets and equivalents between 25 different calendar systems

Download Calendar Magic
Power-Tarot 3.1.1 English

Power-Tarot 3.1.1

Get to know your future future with Tarot on your PC

Download Power-Tarot
Zelscope 1.05 English

Zelscope 1.05

Have a complete oscilloscope on your desktop

Download Zelscope
Paper Folding 3D 1.21 English

Paper Folding 3D 1.21

3D Origami software for your computer

Download Paper Folding 3D