Icon Design Software for Windows

Create icons for your computer or webpage from scratch or convert images into icons thanks to this collection of software to design icons for Windows

Image 2 Icon Converter 3 English

Image 2 Icon Converter 3

The quickest and easiest way to create icons

Download Image 2 Icon Converter
IconTweaker 1.1 English

IconTweaker 1.1

Change the appearance of your computer's icons

Download IconTweaker
ToYcon 0.9 English

ToYcon 0.9

Create icons by dragging images to this box

Download ToYcon
Emoticon Maker 1.0 English

Emoticon Maker 1.0

Create your own emoticons in a very simple and quick manner

Download Emoticon Maker
Imagicon 4.4 English

Imagicon 4.4

Easily create icons based on any image

Download Imagicon
IcoFX 2.6 English

IcoFX 2.6

Creating icons for Windows and Mac can be very interesting

Download IcoFX
IconLab 1.1 English

IconLab 1.1

Create cursors and icons for Windows XP

Download IconLab
IconWorkshop English


Create, convert, manage and share icons for any platform

Download IconWorkshop
Icon Constructor 3.54 English

Icon Constructor 3.54

Convert any image into an appealing icon

Download Icon Constructor
Icon Searcher 4.00 English

Icon Searcher 4.00

Find all the icons on your hard drive in an instant

Download Icon Searcher
IconUtils 5.20 English

IconUtils 5.20

Brilliant tool pack to create your own icons

Download IconUtils
Icon Snatcher 3.6.1 English

Icon Snatcher 3.6.1

Extract the icons from any application

Download Icon Snatcher
Pixelformer rc3 English

Pixelformer rc3

A professional tool to create icons

Download Pixelformer
Crystal Button InMotion! 3.2 English

Crystal Button InMotion! 3.2

Create menus and buttons for your website

Download Crystal Button
1 Cool Button Tool 6.0.0 English

1 Cool Button Tool 6.0.0

Design and create the most original Flash buttons for your web

Download 1 Cool Button Tool
IconCool Studio 8.20 English

IconCool Studio 8.20

Create your own icons for applications

Download IconCool Studio
Thumbico English


All the icons within your reach

Download Thumbico
Icon Craft 4.61 English

Icon Craft 4.61

Editor specialized in the creation of icons

Download Icon Craft