Software for Collages and Panoramic Images on Windows

A selection of the best software for Windows computers to be able to create image compositions such as collages, photo montages or panoramic images

Phototastic Collage English

Phototastic Collage

Create beautiful collages on your PC

Download Phototastic Collage
Arcsoft Collage Creator 1.0 English

Arcsoft Collage Creator 1.0

Useful tool to be able to create collages

Download Arcsoft Collage Creator
FotoMix 9.2.7 English

FotoMix 9.2.7

Create stunning montages with your favorite photos

Download FotoMix
PhotoJoy English


Create screensavers, mosaics and wallpapers with your favorite images

Download PhotoJoy
Print Creations 3.0.255 English

Print Creations 3.0.255

Easily create calendars, greeting cards and photo albums

Download Print Creations
Pano2VR 4.1.0 English

Pano2VR 4.1.0

Create interactive pan images in QuickTime or Flash format

Download Pano2VR
Autostitch 2.2 English

Autostitch 2.2

Create panoramic photos from several images

Download Autostitch
PhotoFantasy LE 2.0 English

PhotoFantasy LE 2.0

The best way to create funny photo montages

Download PhotoFantasy
LumaPix FotoFusion 5.2.87204 English

LumaPix FotoFusion 5.2.87204

Use your photos to create a collage

Download LumaPix FotoFusion
Photo Collage Studio 4.2.16 English

Photo Collage Studio 4.2.16

Create beautiful collages on your PC

Download Photo Collage Studio
HP Photo Creations 3.2 English

HP Photo Creations 3.2

Create stunning cards and calendars with your images

Download HP Photo Creations
Life Poster Maker 3.7 English

Life Poster Maker 3.7

Generate quality posters with your photos

Download Life Poster Maker
Ulead COOL 360 1.0 English

Ulead COOL 360 1.0

Quickly create incredible panoramic photos

Download Ulead COOL 360
AndreaMosaic 3.34.0 English

AndreaMosaic 3.34.0

Create amazing mosaics from other photos

Download AndreaMosaic
Collage Maker 3.70 English

Collage Maker 3.70

Create fun photo collages very easily

Download Collage Maker
Posteriza 1.1.1 English

Posteriza 1.1.1

Create posters or banners based on any image

Download Posteriza
Face Off Max English

Face Off Max

Place your photo on your favorite magazine

Download Face Off Max
Photo Collage Creator 4.25 English

Photo Collage Creator 4.25

Software to create collages on your PC

Download Photo Collage Creator
FunPhotor 2008 6.1 English

FunPhotor 2008 6.1

Create the funniest photo montages

Download FunPhotor
Picture Collage Maker 4.1.2 Pro English

Picture Collage Maker 4.1.2 Pro

Create all sorts of calendars and cards using your photos

Download Picture Collage Maker
FaceMixer 3.0.1 English

FaceMixer 3.0.1

Create original compositions based on the faces of your choice

Download FaceMixer
Poster Forge 1.02.05 English

Poster Forge 1.02.05

Create you own posters with this great application

Download Poster Forge
Photuki Cube Maker English

Photuki Cube Maker

Create cubes with your favorite images

Download Photuki
CollageIt 1.9.1 English

CollageIt 1.9.1

Easily create a collage with your favorite photographs

Download CollageIt
WPanorama 10.1.1 English

WPanorama 10.1.1

Create videos with your favorite panoramic images

Download WPanorama
Microsoft Image Composite Editor English

Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Manage to compose astonishing panoramic photos

Download Microsoft Image Composite Editor
AcroPano 2.1.4 English

AcroPano 2.1.4

Create spectacular panoramic view images

Download AcroPano
Photo Jumble 2.6 English

Photo Jumble 2.6

A different way of creating collage

Download Photo Jumble
Phototastic English


Tool for photo collages

Download Phototastic
Photo Collage Maker 3.25 English

Photo Collage Maker 3.25

Simple tool to create collages

Download Photo Collage Maker
Photo Collage 3.03 English

Photo Collage 3.03

Create your photo collages using templates

Download Photo Collage
Scrapbook Flair 5.0.349 English

Scrapbook Flair 5.0.349

Give your photographs an appearance that is a lot more entertaining and original

Download Scrapbook Flair
Photo Card Maker 1.0.4 English

Photo Card Maker 1.0.4

Create your very own greeting cards

Download Photo Card Maker
Hugin 2014.0.0 English

Hugin 2014.0.0

Excellent tool to generate panoramic images

Download Hugin
Mosaic Maniac 1.0 English

Mosaic Maniac 1.0

A tool to create surprising mosaic compositions

Download Mosaic Maniac
Foto-Mosaik-Edda 7.3.15044.1 English

Foto-Mosaik-Edda 7.3.15044.1

Light application to create mosaics with your favorite photos

Download Foto-Mosaik-Edda
Shape Collage 3.1 English

Shape Collage 3.1

Automatically create funny photograph compositions

Download Shape Collage
Tourweaver 7.00 Professional English

Tourweaver 7.00 Professional

Create panoramic environments implemented in Flash

Download Tourweaver
Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard 1.4.80 English

Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard 1.4.80

Automatically create mosaics with thousands of photos

Download Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard
STOIK PanoramaMaker English

STOIK PanoramaMaker

Create really nice panoramic views in three steps

Download STOIK PanoramaMaker