Karaoke Software for Windows

Thanks to this karaoke software you'll be able to emulate your greatest music idols by performing their songs. Pick up the mic and try not to be off key

Karaoke Anything! 1.0 English

Karaoke Anything! 1.0

Remove vocals from songs to be able to sing them at the Karaoke

Download Karaoke Anything!
vanBasco Karaoke Player 2.53 English

vanBasco Karaoke Player 2.53

Become a real pop star

Download vanBasco Karaoke Player
Karma 2014.9.1 English

Karma 2014.9.1

A complete Karaoke with a user system

Download Karma
Karaoke 5 Player 42.02 English

Karaoke 5 Player 42.02

Complex karaoke system to keep you entertained

Download Karaoke 5
AV Video Karaoke Maker 1.0.42 English

AV Video Karaoke Maker 1.0.42

Create your very own karaoke projects

Download AV Video Karaoke Maker
Karafun Player English

Karafun Player

Much more than just a karaoke

Download Karafun
GoSing 2.71 English

GoSing 2.71

A karaoke ideal to liven up any party

Download GoSing
Performous 0.6.1 English

Performous 0.6.1

Karaoke for PC similar to SingStar

Download Performous
KaraokeMedia Home 3.0.0 English

KaraokeMedia Home 3.0.0

Karaoke system for your PC that includes an online store

Download KaraokeMedia
Karaoke CD+G Creator 2.4.6 English

Karaoke CD+G Creator 2.4.6

Create karaoke songs in CD+G format

Download Karaoke CD+G Creator
UltraStar Deluxe 1.1 English

UltraStar Deluxe 1.1

A free SingStar for PC

Download UltraStar Deluxe
Jichi Multimedia Free 3.2.3 English

Jichi Multimedia Free 3.2.3

Very eye-catching Karaoke to organize parties

Download Jichi Multimedia
iCoolPlayer 1.0.1 English

iCoolPlayer 1.0.1

Audio player that allows to create Karaoke lyrics

Download iCoolPlayer
SongReader 4.0.299 English

SongReader 4.0.299

Manage the lyrics of your favorite songs

Download SongReader
KaraWin Free English

KaraWin Free

The most complete Karaoke software

Download KaraWin
PyKaraoke 0.7.1 English

PyKaraoke 0.7.1

Take Karaoke to your computer's screen

Download PyKaraoke
DART Karaoke 1.4.9p English

DART Karaoke 1.4.9p

Brilliant application to author Karaoke files

Download DART Karaoke