Media Centers for Windows

Play music, watch movies and series downloaded from the Internet or via streaming and organize your audiovisual contents with these media centers for PC

Kodi - XBMC 17.6 Krypton English

Kodi - XBMC 17.6 Krypton

The best media center for PC and Smart TV

Download Kodi - XBMC
Samsung AllShare English

Samsung AllShare

Turn your PC into a DLNA server

Download Samsung AllShare
SoundWire Server 2.1.2 English

SoundWire Server 2.1.2

The server application to tune into SoundWire

Download SoundWire Server
Nero MediaHome 1.30.3200 English

Nero MediaHome 1.30.3200

Digital home entertainment as you had never seen before

Download Nero MediaHome
PowerCinema 6.0.3316 English

PowerCinema 6.0.3316

Convert your PC into a multimedia entertainment center

Download PowerCinema
InterVideo Home Theater 2 English

InterVideo Home Theater 2

The functions of a media center on your computer

Download InterVideo Home Theater
XBMC 13.2 English

XBMC 13.2

The best entertainment center for your PC

Download XBMC
Serviio 1.8 English

Serviio 1.8

A great multimedia server

Download Serviio
Skifta 2.68 English

Skifta 2.68

Multimedia server with DLNA

Download Skifta
TotalMedia Extreme English

TotalMedia Extreme

Complete multimedia suite to work with audio and video

Download TotalMedia
Covenant for Kodi 1.1.0 English

Covenant for Kodi 1.1.0

Covenant is one of the best add-ons for Kodi

Download Covenant for Kodi
WinDVD Media Center English

WinDVD Media Center

Watch all your videos with this multimedia center

Download WinDVD Media Center
GeeXboX Installer 0.23 English

GeeXboX Installer 0.23

Use your USB drive or PC as an independent multimedia center

Download GeeXboX
InterVideo MediaOne Gallery Gold/Platinum English

InterVideo MediaOne Gallery Gold/Platinum

Complete manager for your multimedia files

Download InterVideo MediaOne Gallery
Media Center Studio Beta English

Media Center Studio Beta

Customize Windows Media Center's interface

Download Media Center Studio
Mezzmo English


Enjoy multimedia contents all around your house

Download Mezzmo
J. River Media Center 23.0.8 English

J. River Media Center 23.0.8

The best way to play multimedia contents

Download J. River Media Center
Zune 4.8 English

Zune 4.8

The best multimedia player developed by Microsoft

Download Zune
MagicSports 4.0.0921 English

MagicSports 4.0.0921

Store and organize your favorite sports videos

Download MagicSports
MediaPortal 1.14.0 English

MediaPortal 1.14.0

Turn your PC into a complete multimedia center

Download MediaPortal
Elisa 0.5.36 Beta English

Elisa 0.5.36 Beta

Transform your computer into a real media center

Download Elisa
Boxee Beta English

Boxee Beta

Complete free media center

Download Boxee
Telebision 0.7.344 beta English

Telebision 0.7.344 beta

Access all the multimedia contents of your hard drive and the Internet

Download Telebision
TVersity 3.3 English

TVersity 3.3

Send videos and music via streaming to your console or mobile

Download TVersity
Home Multimedia Library 2.1.2 English

Home Multimedia Library 2.1.2

Manage all the multimedia contents of your computer

Download Home Multimedia Library
Plex Media Server English

Plex Media Server

Centralize your multimedia contents and access them with your devices

Download Plex Media Server
PS3 Media Server 1.82.0 English

PS3 Media Server 1.82.0

Convert your PS3 into a multimedia center

Download PS3 Media Server
QVIVO English


Multimedia center for all the family

Download QVIVO
Universal Media Server 6.6.0 English

Universal Media Server 6.6.0

UPnP multimedia server using the DLNA protocol

Download Universal Media Server