Movie Catalogers for Windows

Manage your collection of movies, TV series and videos and keep it perfectly organized thanks to these movie catalogers for Windows computers

FileBot English


Manage and rename your TV shows

Download FileBot
All My Movies 7.6.1414 English

All My Movies 7.6.1414

Organize your films with this stunning application

Download All My Movies
Movienizer 6.3 English

Movienizer 6.3

Easily create an encyclopedia of your favorite films

Download Movienizer
Filmmanager 4.6.1 English

Filmmanager 4.6.1

Manage your collection of films and videos

Download Filmmanager
MovieHive 1.2.0 English

MovieHive 1.2.0

Personal video cataloging

Download MovieHive
eXtreme Movie Manager English

eXtreme Movie Manager

Organize your collection of movies and series

Download eXtreme Movie Manager
Cathy 2.31.2 English

Cathy 2.31.2

Efficient cataloger to quickly find any file

Download Cathy
Griffith 0.13 English

Griffith 0.13

Manage your movie collection

Download Griffith
EMDB 3.07 English

EMDB 3.07

The best way to keep your movie collection organized

Download EMDB
Microsoft Expression Media 2.0.1477.0 English

Microsoft Expression Media 2.0.1477.0

Create catalogs and organize all your multimedia files

Download Microsoft Expression Media
Airs 2.0.1 English

Airs 2.0.1

Helps you keep all your favorite tv-series organized

Download Airs
VisualDivX 0.86 English

VisualDivX 0.86

Catalog all your films and TV series efficiently

Download VisualDivX
Ant Movie Catalog English

Ant Movie Catalog

Very complete free film organizer

Download Ant Movie Catalog
Movie Collector Cobalt.5.3 English

Movie Collector Cobalt.5.3

Catalog all your films

Download Movie Collector
Daminion English


Advanced multimedia file cataloger

Download Daminion
Videophile II 1.6.5 English

Videophile II 1.6.5

Classify your videos very easily

Download Videophile
DVD Chief 1.20 English

DVD Chief 1.20

Catalog your DVDs, Blu-ray and video files

Download DVD Chief