Multimedia Software for Windows

All the software you need to install on your PC to be able to watch and make the most of any multimedia video or audio file on your Windows computer

Format Factory English

Format Factory

The best converter for multimedia files

Download Format Factory
VLC Media Player 2.2.6 English

VLC Media Player 2.2.6

The most stable and versatile multimedia player

Download VLC Media Player
iTunes 32 bits English

iTunes 32 bits

Apple's multimedia content manager and online store

Download iTunes 32 bits
K-Lite Codec Pack 13.3.5 Full English

K-Lite Codec Pack 13.3.5 Full

Play videos without any compatibility problems

Download K-Lite Codec Pack
iTunes 64 bits English

iTunes 64 bits

Apple's multimedia player, app store and device manager

Download iTunes 64 bits
Kodi - XBMC 17.3 Krypton English

Kodi - XBMC 17.3 Krypton

The best media center for PC and Smart TV

Download Kodi - XBMC
Winamp 5.666 Full English

Winamp 5.666 Full

The best and most popular MP3 player for PC

Download Winamp
DirectX 9 .29.1974 End-User English

DirectX 9 .29.1974 End-User

Essential libraries to play multimedia contents

Download DirectX 9
Samsung AllShare English

Samsung AllShare

Turn your PC into a DLNA server

Download Samsung AllShare
Windows Media Player 7 .1 English

Windows Media Player 7 .1

Media player for Windows 98

Download Windows Media Player 7
Vocaloid English


Excellent voice synthesizer

Download Vocaloid
3D Video Player 3.4.6 English

3D Video Player 3.4.6

All your videos in 3D

Download 3D Video Player
Windows Media Player 11 English

Windows Media Player 11

Microsoft's media player for Windows XP and Vista

Download Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player 9 English

Windows Media Player 9

The Windows player that really changed things

Download Windows Media Player 9
DWG TrueView 2015 English

DWG TrueView 2015

View and convert AutoCAD files

Download DWG TrueView
Nero MediaHome 1.30.3200 English

Nero MediaHome 1.30.3200

Digital home entertainment as you had never seen before

Download Nero MediaHome
3GP Player 2013 English

3GP Player 2013

This simple player is designed specifically to play 3GP formats

Download 3GP Player
Hear 1.0 English

Hear 1.0

Audio control center to improve your sound quality

Download Hear
AMV Convert Tool 4.0 English

AMV Convert Tool 4.0

Convert your videos to AMV format

Download AMV Convert Tool
Flowplayer 5.3.2 English

Flowplayer 5.3.2

Flash format player for your website

Download Flowplayer
AC3 Audio Codec 1.63b English

AC3 Audio Codec 1.63b

Configure the playback of audio in AC3 format

Download AC3 Audio Codec
MPEG-2 Video Decoder 2.0 English

MPEG-2 Video Decoder 2.0

Essential pack of filters to play MPEG-2 video files

Download MPEG-2 Video Decoder
Windows Media Player 10 English

Windows Media Player 10

Microsoft's multimedia player

Download Windows Media Player 10
AutoMen 6.1571.319 Beta English

AutoMen 6.1571.319 Beta

Simple and efficient video converter

Download AutoMen
FoxTab Video to MP3 Converter 3.02 English

FoxTab Video to MP3 Converter 3.02

Convert your favorite dialogs into sound files

Download FoxTab Video to MP3 Converter
MPlayer 1.0 RC2 English

MPlayer 1.0 RC2

A lightweight player compatible with the majority of formats

Download MPlayer
ADI SoundMax AC97 5.12 English

ADI SoundMax AC97 5.12

Drivers for ADI AC97 integrated sound cards

Download ADI SoundMax AC97
KMPlayer English


Complete and modern multimedia player free of charge

Download KMPlayer
QuickPlay 3.0.2 English

QuickPlay 3.0.2

Video player with a neat and tidy interface

Download QuickPlay
XBMC 13.2 English

XBMC 13.2

The best entertainment center for your PC

Download XBMC
ProCoder 1.25 English

ProCoder 1.25

A video editor focused on professional use

Download ProCoder
RealPlayer English


Multimedia player with great possibilities

Download RealPlayer
MP3 Codec 4.71.514.0 English

MP3 Codec 4.71.514.0

Always keep the best audio codec up to date

Download MP3 Codec
Boom Audio Player 1.0.17 English

Boom Audio Player 1.0.17

Play music with just the right features

Download Boom Audio Player
Windows Media Player Update 320920 English

Windows Media Player Update 320920

Very important security update for Windows Media Player 8.0

Download Windows Media Player Update 320920
Total Audio Converter 3.0.88 English

Total Audio Converter 3.0.88

The ultimate tool to convert audio files

Download Total Audio Converter
TotalMedia Extreme English

TotalMedia Extreme

Complete multimedia suite to work with audio and video

Download TotalMedia
SPlayer 3.7.2437 English

SPlayer 3.7.2437

Watch videos with this free lightweight player

Download SPlayer
Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter 5.3.0402 English

Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter 5.3.0402

Get your videos ready for any mobile device

Download Ultra Mobile 3GP Video Converter
WinDVD Pro 11 English

WinDVD Pro 11

One of the best DVD players on the market

Download WinDVD