Software to listen to online radio and music on Windows

Listen to your favorite songs, the latest or greatest hits and tune into any radio station with this online radio and music software for Windows

Spotify English


Listen to music via streaming on your PC

Download Spotify
Shazam 4.7 English

Shazam 4.7

The best program to identify music on your PC

Download Shazam
TuneIn Radio English

TuneIn Radio

Radio from all over the world on Windows

Download TuneIn Radio
Spotify Playlist Downloader 2.0 English

Spotify Playlist Downloader 2.0

Download your favorite songs from Spotify

Download Spotify Playlist Downloader
SoundFrost 3.8.0 English

SoundFrost 3.8.0

Download music from YouTube transformed into MP3

Download SoundFrost
Spotify Ripper 0.1.1 beta English

Spotify Ripper 0.1.1 beta

Record your favorite music on your hard drive directly from Spotify

Download Spotify Ripper
Orbitron 3.71 English

Orbitron 3.71

Establish radio communications using satellites

Download Orbitron
Google Play Music Manager English

Google Play Music Manager

Google's tool to upload your music to the cloud

Download Google Play Music Manager
Tapin Radio 2.05 English

Tapin Radio 2.05

Tune into radio stations from all over the World

Download Tapin Radio
Ham Radio Deluxe 6.4 English

Ham Radio Deluxe 6.4

Control your radio ham hardware via CAT

Download Ham Radio Deluxe
Deezer Music English

Deezer Music

Online music streaming service for PC

Download Deezer Music
Nexus Radio 5.6 English

Nexus Radio 5.6

One of the best radio tuners at present

Download Nexus Radio
Muziic Player + Encoder 2.01 English

Muziic Player + Encoder 2.01

Access all the music on Youtube with this program

Download Muziic
ZaraRadio 1.6.2 English

ZaraRadio 1.6.2

Free tool to automate your radio broadcasts

Download ZaraRadio
myTuner Radio English

myTuner Radio

Listen to thousands of radio stations via streaming

Download myTuner Radio
RadioMaximus 1.85 English

RadioMaximus 1.85

Radio receiver to listen to radios from all over the world on your PC

Download RadioMaximus
Tunatic 1.0.1b English

Tunatic 1.0.1b

Identify the artist and the name of the song in seconds

Download Tunatic
Yahoo! Music Jukebox English

Yahoo! Music Jukebox

Extract, listen, record and manage your music

Download Yahoo! Music
Internet Radio 3.2 English

Internet Radio 3.2

Listen to the radio from Internet Explorer

Download Internet Radio
SonicStage CP 4.3 English

SonicStage CP 4.3

High quality music manager with Sony's guarantee

Download SonicStage
Live-RadioTV Toolbar English

Live-RadioTV Toolbar

Install a toolbar on your browser to play online TV and radio

Download Live-RadioTV Toolbar
Replay Music English

Replay Music

Record the audio being played on any web

Download Replay Music
HamSphere English


Become a radio ham with your PC

Download HamSphere
Radionomy English


Thousands of radio stations at your disposal

Download Radionomy
Spotlite English


Listen to the music that suits your mood with Spotify

Download Spotlite
Radiotracker 2017.0.30772.7200 English

Radiotracker 2017.0.30772.7200

Browse and listen to online radio stations

Download Radiotracker
The Jukebox'er English

The Jukebox'er

Install a Jukebox on your PC

Download The Jukebox'er
RadioBOSS English


Convert your PC into a radio station

Download RadioBOSS
Rdio English


Whatever music you want via streaming

Download Rdio
BeatScanner 1.43 English

BeatScanner 1.43

Detect your music's BPM

Download BeatScanner
Sonos 4 English

Sonos 4

A multiband compressor and limiter for radio broadcasts

Download Sonos
MobileSheets English


Music score reader for Windows 10

Download MobileSheets 2.1.36 English 2.1.36

Connect to the largest music database on the Internet

P2P Music 1.0 English

P2P Music 1.0

Create your own piped music system with your computer network

Download P2P Music
Clickster English


Locate and listen to your favorite music almost instantly

Download Clickster
Radio Stream Recorder 1.34 English

Radio Stream Recorder 1.34

Record your favorite radio streams directly from the Internet

Download Radio Stream Recorder
RadioStar One 1.0.457 English

RadioStar One 1.0.457

Create your own radio station on the Internet

Download RadioStar One
uMusic 0.3 English

uMusic 0.3

Upload whatever songs you want to YouTube

Download uMusic
RadioSure 2.2.1045 English

RadioSure 2.2.1045

Listen to more than 12,000 radio stations from all over the world on your PC

Download RadioSure
RarmaRadio 2.69.1 English

RarmaRadio 2.69.1

Tune in and record TV and radio stations from all over the World

Download RarmaRadio