P2P Software for Windows

With this selection of P2P software for Windows you'll be able to download almost any torrent available on the Internet using the peer-to-peer protocol

uTorrent 3.5.0 43916 English

uTorrent 3.5.0 43916

The best client to download torrents

Download uTorrent
Ares English


The P2P client for nostalgic users

Download Ares
eMule 0.50a English

eMule 0.50a

Client for the exchange of P2P files

Download eMule
BitTorrent 7.10.0 Build 43581 English

BitTorrent 7.10.0 Build 43581

Download torrents through P2P networks

Download BitTorrent
MediaGet 2.01.3721 English

MediaGet 2.01.3721

Attractive BitTorrent client to download contents

Download MediaGet
BearShare English


Downloads and social network in the same application

Download BearShare
LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 English

LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2

Download and share files with this popular P2P client

Download LimeWire
BitMate English


A BitTorrent client for developing countries

Download BitMate
Torrex Pro - Torrent Downloader Pro English

Torrex Pro - Torrent Downloader Pro

Download torrents and play them before finishing

Download Torrex Pro - Torrent Downloader
FrostWire 6.5.0 English

FrostWire 6.5.0

Great download client based on LimeWire

Download FrostWire
Ares Ultra English

Ares Ultra

An alternative version to the download program par excellence

Download Ares Ultra
BearShare Download Client 5.22 English

BearShare Download Client 5.22

Alternative to the official BearShare client

Download BearShare Download Client
Morpheus P2P 5.5.1 Basic English

Morpheus P2P 5.5.1 Basic

An alternative to Ares that tries to respect copyrights

Download Morpheus P2P
Zultrax P2P Free Edition 4.44 English

Zultrax P2P Free Edition 4.44

Versatile tool to be able to share all kinds of files

Download Zultrax P2P
Omega Torrent 2.0 English

Omega Torrent 2.0

Comfortable and simple download client for torrent files

Download Omega Torrent
Vuze 2.1 English


BitTorrent client to download files from the Internet

Download Vuze
iMesh English


Search and download the songs of your favorite singers

Download iMesh
eDonkey2000 1.4.6 GUI Version English

eDonkey2000 1.4.6 GUI Version

One of the first P2P programs to share files

Download eDonkey2000
Lphant 3.51 English

Lphant 3.51

Excellent BitTorrent client that integrates eMule and Kademlia

Download Lphant
Warez P2P Client 3.2.0 English

Warez P2P Client 3.2.0

Powerful, versatile and lightweight P2P client

Download Warez P2P Client
Pando English


Share files very easily

Download Pando
Tangysoft Client 5.64 English

Tangysoft Client 5.64

Client to read and download Usenet messages

Download Tangysoft Client
Ares MP3 3.30 English

Ares MP3 3.30

Search and download millions of MP3 files

Download Ares MP3
Kazaa Media Desktop 3.2.7 English

Kazaa Media Desktop 3.2.7

The latest version of one of the classics of P2P networks

Download Kazaa
BearFlix English


A P2P application focused on downloading videos

Download BearFlix
BitComet Ultra Accelerator English

BitComet Ultra Accelerator

Increase BitComet's speed

Download BitComet Ultra Accelerator
KoolWire 2.2.0 English

KoolWire 2.2.0

A fast and efficient client for the Gnutella network

Download KoolWire
Ares Destiny English

Ares Destiny

A fork of the popular Ares download software

Download Ares Destiny
iMule 1.4.5 English

iMule 1.4.5

Innovating program conceived to exchange files

Download iMule
MLDonkey 3.1.0 English

MLDonkey 3.1.0

Lightweight P2P client with support for several networks

Download MLDonkey
G3 Torrent 1.01a English

G3 Torrent 1.01a

Free and practical BitTorrent client, with interesting functions

Download G3 Torrent
Ares Vista English

Ares Vista

Another of the versions available for the renowned Ares

Download Ares Vista
LuckyWire English


Quick alternative to LimeWire

Download LuckyWire
Ares Galaxy Professional English

Ares Galaxy Professional

A professional version of Ares

Download Ares Galaxy Professional
BitSpirit English


Appealing easy-to-use BitTorrent client

Download BitSpirit
MP3 Galaxy 2.55 English

MP3 Galaxy 2.55

The P2P application focused on music with which you will find any MP3

Download MP3 Galaxy
LimeWire Download Client 2.55 English

LimeWire Download Client 2.55

Lightweight client to download from the Gnutella network

Download LimeWire Download Client
TorrentFetcher 1.05 English

TorrentFetcher 1.05

The easiest option to search for torrents

Download TorrentFetcher
SoulSeek Qt 2017.2.20 English

SoulSeek Qt 2017.2.20

Download and share music with everyone

Download SoulSeek
Blubster 4.0.2 English

Blubster 4.0.2

The fastest P2P file download

Download Blubster