Personal Info Managers and Calendars for Windows

Write down every important date, meeting or appointment that you cannot miss thanks to this collection of personal info managers and calendars for Windows

TKexe Kalender English

TKexe Kalender

Design your own calendars as fast as possible

Download TKexe Kalender
Sunbird 0.9 English

Sunbird 0.9

Mozilla's calendar and organizer

Download Sunbird
Birthday Reminder 1.61 English

Birthday Reminder 1.61

Remember the birthdays you need to remember

Download Birthday Reminder
Active Desktop Calendar 7.96 English

Active Desktop Calendar 7.96

Integrate a calendar into your desktop

Download Active Desktop Calendar
Tray Calendar 1.1 English

Tray Calendar 1.1

The best calendar to keep track of our group projects

Download Tray Calendar
MSD Organizer 12.1 English

MSD Organizer 12.1

Personal organizer with many practical options

Download MSD Organizer
EssentialPIM Free 7.13 English

EssentialPIM Free 7.13

Make the most of this free customizable personal organizer

Download EssentialPIM
DeskTask 1.3 English

DeskTask 1.3

Displays your calendar and task items from Microsoft Outlook on the desktop

Download DeskTask
MSD Organizer Multiuser 11.2 English

MSD Organizer Multiuser 11.2

Multiuser version of this excellent organizer

Download MSD Organizer Multiuser
MSD Organizer Multiuser 11.2 English

MSD Organizer Free 9.20

Easily organize any data

Download MSD Organizer Free
AM-Notebook Lite 6.3 English

AM-Notebook Lite 6.3

A notepad with many functions

Download AM-Notebook
Open Contacts English

Open Contacts

Address book for your PC

Download Open Contacts
Rainlendar 2.12.2 English

Rainlendar 2.12.2

Enjoy a calendar and personal organizer on your desktop

Download Rainlendar
CalendarPainter 1.0i English

CalendarPainter 1.0i

Create your own calendar in six simple steps

Download CalendarPainter
VueMinder Pro 2016.03 English

VueMinder Pro 2016.03

A complete personal organizer with plenty of customization options

Download VueMinder
GMinder 1.3.10 English

GMinder 1.3.10

Place Google Calendar on your desktop

Download GMinder
WinOrganizer 4.4.1900 English

WinOrganizer 4.4.1900

The ultimate personal manager ready to replace your physical organiser

Download WinOrganizer
esyPlanner English


Complete organizer to manage your appointments and notes

Download esyPlanner
Calendarscope English


Keep your organiser updated and don't miss any event

Download Calendarscope
Exstora 2.9 English

Exstora 2.9

Practical organizer with features for quick notes

Download Exstora
WinAgenda 2 R7 English

WinAgenda 2 R7

Useful free organizer to not forget anything

Download WinAgenda
OrgScheduler 7.1 English

OrgScheduler 7.1

Professional organizer with many options

Download OrgScheduler
Birthdays! Control Center 3.61 English

Birthdays! Control Center 3.61

Never forget a birthday again

Download Birthdays! Control Center
PIM Xtreme 0.10.0 English

PIM Xtreme 0.10.0

Manage your contacts, finances and events for free

Download PIM Xtreme
TheSeekster 6.23 English

TheSeekster 6.23

Manage all the data of your contacts

Download TheSeekster
Chrysanth Diary 5.3 English

Chrysanth Diary 5.3

A elegant personal diary

Download Chrysanth Diary
One Calendar 2017 English

One Calendar 2017

Synchronize all your calendars together

Download One Calendar