Project Organizers for Windows

Manage and administer your professional and personal projects and organize your workgroups thanks to this collection of project organizers for Windows

StarUML English


Very solid and easy-to-use UML platform

Download StarUML
Bitrix24 English


Create an intranet for your work team

Download Bitrix24
Celtx 2.9.7 English

Celtx 2.9.7

Excellent tool for multimedia projects

Download Celtx
Project ROME 0.9.0 English

Project ROME 0.9.0

Powerful tool for the creation of digital contents

Download Project ROME
Mendeley Desktop 1.17.6 English

Mendeley Desktop 1.17.6

Surprising document manager ideal for scientific and bibliographical projects

Download Mendeley Desktop
Cartomap Reader 7.6 English

Cartomap Reader 7.6

Software to design and manage mining and construction projects

Download Cartomap
Microsoft Teams 64 bits English

Microsoft Teams 32 bits

Microsoft's solution for corporate communciations

Download Microsoft Teams 32 bits
Simple Task Timer English

Simple Task Timer

The easiest way to control the time used for each task

Download Simple Task Timer
ProjectLibre 1.7 English

ProjectLibre 1.7

A great free alternative to Microsoft Project

Download ProjectLibre
PriMus-DCF English


Software to share catalogs, measurements and budgets

Download PriMus-DCF
OpenProj 1.4 English

OpenProj 1.4

The perfect substitute for Microsoft Project

Download OpenProj
True Time Tracker 1.7.144 English

True Time Tracker 1.7.144

How much time do you waste on your computer?

Download True Time Tracker
MSD Tasks 6.00 English

MSD Tasks 6.00

Powerful and versatile project manager

Download MSD Tasks
MSD Documents 3.00 English

MSD Documents 3.00

Organize all the documents and information for each specific project

Download MSD Documents
JIRA 6.1.7 English

JIRA 6.1.7

Manage and organise the work of your project team

Download JIRA
Microsoft Teams 64 bits English

Microsoft Teams 64 bits

Microsoft's business communications tool

Download Microsoft Teams 64 bits
Corel WordPerfect Lightning 1.0 Beta English

Corel WordPerfect Lightning 1.0 Beta

Organize your ideas in a professional manner

Download Corel WordPerfect Lightning
ProjectForum English


The ideal tool for work groups with several users

Download ProjectForum
Site Journal 2011-06 English

Site Journal 2011-06

Write down and receive reports of everything that is happening on a building site

Download Site Journal
GanttProject 2.8.3 English

GanttProject 2.8.3

Organize all the tasks belonging to any project

Download GanttProject
PeerAware 1.11 English

PeerAware 1.11

The easiest way to share files in a workgroup

Download PeerAware
InLoox Personal Edition 7.0.2 English

InLoox Personal Edition 7.0.2

An outstanding professional project manager that's completely integrated in Outlook

Download InLoox
Slife 3.0 English

Slife 3.0

Keep track of how you spend your time on the computer

Download Slife
WizFlow Flowcharter 6.24 English

WizFlow Flowcharter 6.24

Easy to use flowchart creator

Download WizFlow Flowcharter
Project 2016 Professional English

Project 2016 Professional

Create and manage projects and administer your workgroup

Download Project
Focus Booster 2.0.0 English

Focus Booster 2.0.0

Simple way to improve your productivity

Download Focus Booster
Chrometa English


Control all the time that you spend on the computer

Download Chrometa
YouTrack 4.2.1 English

YouTrack 4.2.1

Powerful bug and issue tracker

Download YouTrack
Memo Book English

Memo Book

Manage all your documents

Download Memo Book
Slack 3.0.0 English

Slack 3.0.0

A space for perfect work communications

Download Slack English

Hold work meetings wherever you are