Puzzles for PC

To be able to complete these puzzle games for PC you're going to have to put your thinking cap on and use all your intelligence and logical thinking

Candy Crush Saga English

Candy Crush Saga

The king of Match 3 games

Download Candy Crush Saga
Tigerball English


Addictive puzzle game

Download Tigerball
Microsoft Jigsaw 2015.917.1335.4617 English

Microsoft Jigsaw 2015.917.1335.4617

Entertaining puzzle games for Windows

Download Microsoft Jigsaw
Angry Birds 4.0.0 English

Angry Birds 4.0.0

Help these birds to recover their eggs

Download Angry Birds
Penguins' Journey English

Penguins' Journey

Heading to Antarctica!

Download Penguins' Journey
Doodle God: Planet English

Doodle God: Planet

The universe's destiny is in your hands

Download Doodle God: Planet
Angry Birds Seasons 4.1.0 English

Angry Birds Seasons 4.1.0

Celebrate the World's most popular festivities with your favorite birds

Download Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.2.1 English

Angry Birds Star Wars II 1.2.1

Rebel birds vs imperial pigs

Download Angry Birds Star Wars
Bad Piggies 1.3.0 English

Bad Piggies 1.3.0

Help out the pigs from Angry Birds

Download Bad Piggies
Can You Escape 2 English

Can You Escape 2

Solve the mysteries if you want to escape

Download Can You Escape 2
Ice Age Avalanche English

Ice Age Avalanche

A new Ice Age puzzle adventure

Download Ice Age Avalanche
Microsoft Sudoku English

Microsoft Sudoku

A complete sudoku game

Download Microsoft Sudoku
Blocmania 3D 1.1 English

Blocmania 3D 1.1

A 3D Tetris on your PC

Download Blocmania 3D
Little Wheel English

Little Wheel

Help the small robot to reestablish the electricity

Download Little Wheel
Bejeweled LIVE English

Bejeweled LIVE

Combine gems and clear them off the panel

Download Bejeweled LIVE
Flock! PC English

Flock! PC

Try to kidnap Earth's animals to be able to repopulate your planet

Download Flock! PC
Zaz 1.0.0 English

Zaz 1.0.0

Addictive game about removing balls from a maze

Download Zaz
Angry Birds Space 1.6.0 English

Angry Birds Space 1.6.0

Play with the renowned angry birds now in space

Download Angry Birds Space
Zuma Deluxe English

Zuma Deluxe

Match all the balls of the same color

Download Zuma Deluxe
Cradle of Rome 2 1.1.4 English

Cradle of Rome 2 1.1.4

Solve puzzles to become the Emperor of Rome

Download Cradle of Rome 2
Little Shop of Treasures 2 English

Little Shop of Treasures 2

Raise money to refurbish uncle Roy's gas station

Download Little Shop of Treasures 2
Candy Crush Soda Saga English

Candy Crush Soda Saga

An even sweeter version of Candy Crush for Windows

Download Candy Crush Soda Saga
Gems 3D 4.00 English

Gems 3D 4.00

Order the gems to make them disappear from the board

Download Gems 3D
The Fourth Wall English

The Fourth Wall

Platforms, puzzles and logic in an original game

Download The Fourth Wall
Jewel Star English

Jewel Star

Remove precious stones from the panel

Download Jewel Star
Luxor 3 English

Luxor 3

Eliminate the God of Chaos by eliminating color balls

Download Luxor
Logyx Pack 8.87 English

Logyx Pack 8.87

Exercise your mental ability with this collection of 115 games

Download Logyx Pack
Safari Island Deluxe English

Safari Island Deluxe

Move around a wild island solving puzzles

Download Safari Island
Bubble Shooter Premium Edition 1.6 English

Bubble Shooter Premium Edition 1.6

Break all the records bursting bubbles

Download Bubble Shooter
Cut the Rope 2 English

Cut the Rope 2

Help Om Nom to catch candies

Download Cut the Rope 2
Pure Sudoku 1.5 English

Pure Sudoku 1.5

Make the most one of the most entertaining Oriental pastimes

Download Pure Sudoku
Bubble Town English

Bubble Town

Amusing version of the classic Puzzle Bubble

Download Bubble Town
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix 1.0 English

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix 1.0

The next step in gem puzzle games

Download Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
Big Box of Blox 1.1 English

Big Box of Blox 1.1

Try your skills by combining the blocks

Download Big Box of Blox
In-Poculis Mahjong Master 4.2 English

In-Poculis Mahjong Master 4.2

Play Mahjong with more than 120 levels

Download In-Poculis Mahjong
Burger Battle English

Burger Battle

Prepare hamburgers to save the princess

Download Burger Battle
Trinklit English


Solve all the challenges that this great game poses

Download Trinklit
Frozen Bubble 1.0.0 English

Frozen Bubble 1.0.0

Have fun throwing balls with these penguins

Download Frozen Bubble
Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven English

Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven

Get out of the cemetery by helping the spirits

Download Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven
Sokoban ++ English

Sokoban ++

The entertaining Japanese puzzle game

Download Sokoban