Screenshot Software for Windows

With these applications you'll be able to take and manage screenshots or captures of any element that appears on the screen of your Windows computer

Snip 0.1.5119.0 English

Snip 0.1.5119.0

Microsoft renovates its screenshot tool

Download Snip
ScreenHunter 6.0.229 English

ScreenHunter 6.0.229

An effective way of capturing your screen

Download ScreenHunter
PrtScr 1.5 English

PrtScr 1.5

A surprising way to take your screenshots

Download PrtScr
Adobe Captivate 9 English

Adobe Captivate 9

Create professional video tutorials

Download Adobe Captivate
Snaplr English


Capture your computer screen

Download Snaplr
Jet Screenshot English

Jet Screenshot

The most complete screen capture app

Download Jet Screenshot
SnagIt English


Application to take screenshots with great possibilities

Download SnagIt
Snippy 0.41 English

Snippy 0.41

Capture the exact area you need by simply drawing

Download Snippy
StepShot Express English

StepShot Express

Create incredible manuals for your applications

Download StepShot
Capture&Send English


Capture and send your screenshots by email

Download Capture&Send
PicPick 4.2.2 English

PicPick 4.2.2

Tool to take screenshots with an integrated editor

Download PicPick
Cool Screen Capture English

Cool Screen Capture

The most entertaining way to take screen captures

Download Cool Screen Capture
Lightscreen 2.4 English

Lightscreen 2.4

Capture any screen and catalog the resulting image file

Download Lightscreen
JShot English


Capture the screen and upload the images to the web

Download JShot
SnapCrab 1.1.1 English

SnapCrab 1.1.1

Capture any part of your screen

Download SnapCrab
Skitch English


Mac's best screen capturing utility now available for Windows

Download Skitch
Screenshot Captor 4.8.5 English

Screenshot Captor 4.8.5

An application to easily take screenshots

Download Screenshot Captor
FastStone Capture 8.4 English

FastStone Capture 8.4

Capture your screen and edit the resulting images

Download FastStone Capture
Ashampoo Snap 10.0.0 English

Ashampoo Snap 10.0.0

Take screen captures of the full screen or only part of it

Download Ashampoo Snap
HyperSnap 8.12.02 English

HyperSnap 8.12.02

Capture your PC's screen in many different ways

Download HyperSnap
WSnap 1.8.23 English

WSnap 1.8.23

Capture anything that happens on your desktop

Download WSnap
SiteShoter 1.41 English

SiteShoter 1.41

Take screen captures of your favorite websites

Download SiteShoter
Screen Capturer English

Screen Capturer

Capture anything that happens on your screen

Download Screen Capturer
PrintKey-Pro 1.05 English

PrintKey-Pro 1.05

Change how you carry out screen captures

Download PrintKey-Pro
Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0 English

Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0

Take screen captures almost instantly

Download Auto Screenshot Maker
WinCapture Pro 2009 9.1.2 English

WinCapture Pro 2009 9.1.2

The most efficient software to capture images or video

Download WinCapture
Easyscreen 3.8.1 English

Easyscreen 3.8.1

Take the best screen captures

Download Easyscreen
WinSnap 4.5.6 English

WinSnap 4.5.6

Take and edit high quality screenshots

Download WinSnap
PlayClaw English


Capture your games without affecting the game's performance

Download PlayClaw
Gadwin PrintScreen 5.4.2 English

Gadwin PrintScreen 5.4.2

Take screenshots of any web or application

Download Gadwin PrintScreen
YouRecorder 2.0.0 English

YouRecorder 2.0.0

Record anything that happens on your screen

Download YouRecorder
WebKut 1.2.2 English

WebKut 1.2.2

Capture a website fully or partially

Download WebKut
Turbosnap 4.0 English

Turbosnap 4.0

Original application to take screenshots

Download Turbosnap
WebShot English


Quickly capture complete websites

Download WebShot
Greenshot English


Capture your screen and edit the images directly

Download Greenshot
Final Impression English

Final Impression

Capture your computer's screen

Download Final Impression
RemoTure 1.5.0 English

RemoTure 1.5.0

Take screen capture on a remote computer

Download RemoTure
Owely 1.1.0 English

Owely 1.1.0

Take screen captures and share them on the Internet

Download Owely
Yascu 1.0.545 English

Yascu 1.0.545

Capture your computer's screen

Download Yascu
Action! 2.4.1 English

Action! 2.4.1

Record everything that happens on your PC

Download Action!