Social Networks for Windows

Access your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram straight from your computer thanks to these desktop clients for Windows

Facebook English


The desktop client for the most popular social network

Download Facebook
Instagram English


Official Windows client of the popular social network

Download Instagram
Twitter English


Official client of this social network

Download Twitter
InstaPic English


The first Instagram client for Windows

Download InstaPic
Gramblr 2.9.39 English

Gramblr 2.9.39

Upload pics to Instagram from your PC

Download Gramblr
Facebook Desktop 1.0b English

Facebook Desktop 1.0b

Find out instantly about any update on your Facebook

Download Facebook Desktop
Instagrille English


Access Instagram from your PC

Download Instagrille
Facebook Viewer 16.0.0 English

Facebook Viewer 16.0.0

Access Facebook from your desktop

Download Facebook Viewer
Face Software 4.2.0 English

Face Software 4.2.0

Desktop client for Facebook

Download Face Software
TweetDeck Desktop 3.9.633 English

TweetDeck Desktop 3.9.633

The best Twitter client, also compatible with other networks

Download TweetDeck
Instametrogram English


Manage your Instagram account from your PC

Download Instametrogram
Timber English


Client for Tinder to flirt from your PC

Download Timber
Tribler 6.4.1 English

Tribler 6.4.1

Innovating social network that simplifies the exchange of files by P2P

Download Tribler
Facebook for Adobe AIR English

Facebook for Adobe AIR

Facebook desktop client

Download Facebook for Adobe AIR
4Ever for Facebook English

4Ever for Facebook

Practical Facebook client for Windows

Download 4Ever for Facebook
LinkedIn English


The desktop app for the social network for professional contacts

Download LinkedIn
OrSiSo 1.2.3 Beta English

OrSiSo 1.2.3 Beta

All your social networks on a single interface

Download OrSiSo
fbquick English


All your Facebook notifications in a pop-up window on your desktop

Download fbquick
Bloom 3.3 English

Bloom 3.3

Easily upload and view your photos on Facebook

Download Bloom
JamCloud 0.9.048 Beta English

JamCloud 0.9.048 Beta

The social network for music videos

Download JamCloud
FlipToast 1.0.50 English

FlipToast 1.0.50

Make the most of Facebook on your desktop

Download FlipToast
SocialBro English


Manage your community on Twitter

Download SocialBro
TwitterDownloader Beta English

TwitterDownloader Beta

Download Twitter photos to your PC

Download TwitterDownloader
Aether 1.0.0 English

Aether 1.0.0

A totally free opinion network

Download Aether
Talk! English


Dating tool for Windows

Download Talk!
PRomeo English


Gay social network for Windows

Download PRomeo
SmooshU English


Meet people and flirt from Windows

Download SmooshU
2Peer 0.87 English

2Peer 0.87

Share your files in your own private net through Internet

Download 2Peer
Memeo Share English

Memeo Share

Share photos with your friends and family by sending them directly to their desktop

Download Memeo Share
Seesmic Desktop 0.6.2 English

Seesmic Desktop 0.6.2

A popular desktop client for social networks

Download Seesmic Desktop
OctopusCity Resume Writer English

OctopusCity Resume Writer

Desktop client for the OctopusCity professional contacts service

Download OctopusCity Resume Writer
uPlayMe English


Meet people with your own music taste while you listen to music

Download uPlayMe
T-Messenger 0.34 Beta English

T-Messenger 0.34 Beta

Twitter desktop client with integrated real-time chat

Download T-Messenger
FileSocial Uploader English

FileSocial Uploader

Share any file on Twitter

Download FileSocial Uploader
AlertThingy 3.1 English

AlertThingy 3.1

Receive alerts about what's going on on social networks and more

Download AlertThingy
Fishbowl English


Use Facebook from your desktop without opening your browser

Download Fishbowl
DestroyTwitter 2.1.5p2 English

DestroyTwitter 2.1.5p2

Minimalist desktop client for Twitter

Download DestroyTwitter
Twitteroo 1.5 English

Twitteroo 1.5

Simple desktop client for Twitter

Download Twitteroo
Spaz 0.8.7 English

Spaz 0.8.7

Simple Twitter client

Download Spaz
Lazyscope Beta English

Lazyscope Beta

All Twitter's information flow under the same application

Download Lazyscope