Specific Vaccines for Windows

If you know the exact name of the malware that's infected your computer, you'll be able to find the perfect antidote in this selection of specific vaccines

Decryptolocker English


Release your files encrypted by Cryptolocker

Download Decryptolocker
Kaspersky Free Cleaner English

Kaspersky Free Cleaner

Remove certain infections from your computer

Download Kaspersky Free Cleaner
SirCam Removal Tool English

SirCam Removal Tool

Remove the bothersome SirCam virus

Download SirCam Removal Tool
Windows 2000 Blaster Update KB823980 English

Windows 2000 Blaster Update KB823980

Recommended security update that avoids being infected by Blaster

Download Windows 2000 Blaster Update
Kaspersky RannohDecryptor English

Kaspersky RannohDecryptor

Recover files blocked by the Rannoh ransomware

Download Kaspersky RannohDecryptor
Magistr Removal Tool English

Magistr Removal Tool

Manage to eliminate Magistr from your computer

Download Magistr Removal Tool
Klez Removal Tool English

Klez Removal Tool

Tool to remove one of the most dangerous Trojans

Download Klez Removal Tool
McAfee AVERT Stinger English

McAfee AVERT Stinger

Disinfection tool for the most popular viruses

Download McAfee AVERT Stinger
Better Internet Removal Tool 1.0 English

Better Internet Removal Tool 1.0

Eliminate the bothersome A Better Internet virus from your computer

Download Better Internet Removal Tool
360 NSA Cyber Weapons Defense Tool English

360 NSA Cyber Weapons Defense Tool

Security tool against the NSA's cyberweapons

Download 360 NSA Cyber Weapons Defense Tool
Nimda Removal Tool English

Nimda Removal Tool

Specific program to disinfect the Nimda virus

Download Nimda Removal Tool
Badtrans Removal Tool English

Badtrans Removal Tool

Get rid of the Badtrans.B virus with this tool

Download Badtrans Removal Tool
Msblast Removal Tool English

Msblast Removal Tool

Tool that will remove the MSblast trojan from your computer

Download Msblast Removal Tool
Mydoom Removal Tool English

Mydoom Removal Tool

Program specifically designed to remove Mydoom

Download Mydoom Removal Tool
Mimail Removal Tool English

Mimail Removal Tool

Disinfection tool to eliminate the Mimail virus

Download Mimail Removal Tool
Netsky Removal Tool English

Netsky Removal Tool

Specific disinfection program for the Netsky Trojan

Download Netsky Removal Tool
Conflicker Fast Heal English

Conflicker Fast Heal

Detect and remove Conflicker from your computer

Download Conflicker Fast Heal
WLM Safe 5.05 English

WLM Safe 5.05

Protect your Windows Live Messenger against malware attacks

Download WLM Safe
TDSSKiller English


Quickly remove threats from the Rootkit.Win32.TDSS family

Download TDSSKiller
Kaspersky CoinVault Decryptor English

Kaspersky CoinVault Decryptor

Recover files seized by ransomware

Download Kaspersky CoinVault Decryptor
Latch Antiransomware 1.0.10 English

Latch Antiransomware 1.0.10

Anti-ransomware tool created by Telefónica's cybersecurity division

Download Latch Antiransomware