Telnet Software for Windows

Connect remotely and access in terminal mode to another computer thanks to any of the Telnet applications for Windows listed in this section

SecureCRT 7.1.0 English

SecureCRT 7.1.0

Telnet emulator for the Internet and Intranet with SSH support

Download SecureCRT
CRT 6.1.4 English

CRT 6.1.4

Complete terminal emulator to work with Telnet

Download CRT
PuTTY 0.69 English

PuTTY 0.69

Free Windows client to be able to access by Telnet, Remote Login and SSH

Download PuTTY
KoalaTerm 4.4 Build 2115 English

KoalaTerm 4.4 Build 2115

Excellent terminal emulator and Telnet client for Windows

Download KoalaTerm
AnzioWin 16.2zz English

AnzioWin 16.2zz

Brilliant terminal emulation for Telnet with Unicode support

Download AnzioWin
Secure KoalaTerm 4.4 Build 2115 English

Secure KoalaTerm 4.4 Build 2115

Very complete SSH client for Windows

Download Secure KoalaTerm
OpenSSH 3.8p1 English

OpenSSH 3.8p1

Control your PC remotely in a secure manner

Download OpenSSH
AbsoluteTelnet 9.82 English

AbsoluteTelnet 9.82

Connect to another computer by Telnet or SSH

Download AbsoluteTelnet
WAC Server 2.0 Build 3503 English

WAC Server 2.0 Build 3503

Connect remotely by means of a Telnet and SSH server

Download WAC Server