Text Editors for Windows

Discover some of the best text editors for Windows computers with which you'll be able to replace the default notepad of this operating system

WordPad English


Alternative to the Windows text editor

Download WordPad
ZenWriter 2.38 English

ZenWriter 2.38

Prepare your computer to write in peace and quiet

Download ZenWriter
Ommwriter Dana 1 English

Ommwriter Dana 1

Text editor to write in piece and quiet

Download Ommwriter
Sakura English


Open source plain text editor

Download Sakura
ZenEdit 1.4 English

ZenEdit 1.4

Avoid distractions with this minimalist plain text editor

Download ZenEdit
Plist Editor 1.0.1 English

Plist Editor 1.0.1

Read and edit Mac .plist files in Windows

Download Plist Editor
TextRoom 0.8.1 English

TextRoom 0.8.1

Write without anything distracting you

Download TextRoom
Writespace 1.4 English

Writespace 1.4

Add a minimalist text editor to Word

Download Writespace
Verbum 0.0.5 Alpha English

Verbum 0.0.5 Alpha

Easily write any text with this text processor

Download Verbum
Tomboy 1.10.2 English

Tomboy 1.10.2

Keep your notes organized with this simple notepad

Download Tomboy
ShadyTXT 1.90 English

ShadyTXT 1.90

Light customizable text editor

Download ShadyTXT
yWriter English


Split your texts into chapters and scenes

Download yWriter
ResophNotes 1.5.6 English

ResophNotes 1.5.6

Alternative notepad with more options available

Download ResophNotes
RightNote English


Much more than a notepad

Download RightNote
AkelPad 4.9.8 English

AkelPad 4.9.8

Small and quick plain text editor

Download AkelPad
Word 8 English

Word 8

Lightweight functional text editor similar to Office's Word

Download Word 8