Software for Webcams on Windows

Take a look at our selection of software to manage the webcam of your PC with which you'll be able to communicate with friends by means of live video

NetMeeting 3.01 English

NetMeeting 3.01

A tool developed by Microsoft to carry out video conferences

Download NetMeeting
MyCam 2.2 English

MyCam 2.2

Take shots and record video from your webcam

Download MyCam
YouCam 7.0.1904.0 English

YouCam 7.0.1904.0

Create videos and presentations with your webcam

Download YouCam
ManyCam 5.5.2 English

ManyCam 5.5.2

The most entertaining way to use your webcam

Download ManyCam
WebCam Companion 4.0 English

WebCam Companion 4.0

Get really surprising results with your webcam

Download WebCam Companion
Eyeball Chat 3.2 English

Eyeball Chat 3.2

Talk to whoever you want easily by video conference

Download Eyeball Chat
Webcam Lock English

Webcam Lock

Control your webcam and guarantee your privacy

Download Webcam Lock
Fake Webcam 7.4 English

Fake Webcam 7.4

Show any video by means of a video conference

Download Fake Webcam
Yawcam 0.4.1 English

Yawcam 0.4.1

Control all aspects of your webcam

Download Yawcam
CamShot 3.1.2 English

CamShot 3.1.2

Make your webcam follow all your orders

Download CamShot
WebcamMax English


Apply real time effects on your webcam's image

Download WebcamMax
Webcam Motion Detector 1.5 English

Webcam Motion Detector 1.5

Turn your webcam into a security camera

Download Webcam Motion Detector
SplitCam English


Share your webcam with several applications

Download SplitCam
Photobooth English


Turn your webcam into a photo booth

Download Photobooth
CamFrog Video Chat 6.17.613 English

CamFrog Video Chat 6.17.613

Take part in public video chat rooms

Download CamFrog Video Chat
Softcam 1.5.2 English

Softcam 1.5.2

Record what happens on your desktop and send it over the Internet

Download Softcam
Magic Camera 8.7.0 English

Magic Camera 8.7.0

Liven up the image that you send by webcam

Download Magic Camera
Flash IT 0.14 Beta English

Flash IT 0.14 Beta

Take the best photos with your webcam

Download Flash IT
WebVideoStreamer 1.1.267 English

WebVideoStreamer 1.1.267

Broadcast the signal of your webcam on the Internet

Download WebVideoStreamer
Video2Webcam English


Insert videos into your chat conversations

Download Video2Webcam
Active WebCam 11.6 English

Active WebCam 11.6

Broadcast over the Internet what you webcam captures

Download Active WebCam
webcamXP English


A powerful application to manage webcams

Download webcamXP
Timershot English


Take photos with your webcam at certain time intervals

Download Timershot
Logitech Vid English

Logitech Vid

The easiest way to communicate with your friends by video conference

Download Logitech Vid
Webcam Surveyor 3.4.0 English

Webcam Surveyor 3.4.0

Use your webcam as a security camera

Download Webcam Surveyor
Motion Detection 1.5.0 English

Motion Detection 1.5.0

Detect objects in movement from a sequence of images

Download Motion Detection
LiveStream Broadcaster 7.0 English

LiveStream Broadcaster 7.0

Send your webcam's signal over the Internet

Download LiveStream
MSN/Live Messenger Webcam Recorder English

MSN/Live Messenger Webcam Recorder

Record your Live Messenger streams

Download MSN/Live Messenger Webcam Recorder
RTLVideo 4.0.0 English

RTLVideo 4.0.0

A tool that allows you to record video with a webcam

Download RTLVideo
AV Webcam Morpher 2.0.51 English

AV Webcam Morpher 2.0.51

Alter and control the output signal of your webcam

Download AV Webcam Morpher
Willing Webcam 5.5.2 English

Willing Webcam 5.5.2

More functions for your webcam

Download Willing Webcam