The best apps to watch Anime on Android

If you’re an anime fan, take a look at this great selection of Android apps with which you can enjoy watching all the episodes of the best Japanese animation series

AnimeDroid 3.0.8 English
AnimeDroid 3.0.8

Enjoy as much online anime as you can

Animania 1.1 English

Application for watching anime series online for free

AnimeUltima 0.5.0 English

Watch free anime series on your Android

Kissanime 2.2 English

Online anime series for free

GogoAnime 5.9.2 English
GogoAnime 5.9.2

App to watch anime free on Android

AnimeGlare 2.0.4 English
AnimeGlare 2.0.4

App to watch online anime free on Android

FireAnime English

Watch the best anime on your Android

Anistream 1.3.18 English
Anistream 1.3.18

Enjoy top ad-free anime

Anime X Stream 0.2.0 English

An application for watching ad-free anime on your Android or tablet

AnimePahe 1.0 English

Free online anime series and movies

AnimeDLR 7.1.6 English
AnimeDLR 7.1.6

Thousands of Japanese cartoons within your reach

AnYme 10.95 English
AnYme 10.95

Follow your favorite anime series

Anime Molecules 1 English

App to enjoy the best anime on Android and HD

AnimeVibe 5.4.0 English
AnimeVibe 5.4.0

The best anime, now on your Android

JPAnime 1.0 English
JPAnime 1.0

Platform to comfortably watch anime series

Funimation 2.7 English

App to watch anime movies and series online

Anime Fanz 3.2.6 English
Anime Fanz 3.2.6

Enjoy the best anime on your Android

VRV 1.19.0 English
VRV 1.19.0

Cartoons for nerds

Anime DL 2.1 English

Download and enjoy your favorite animes

JKAnime English

Thousands of online anime series

Crunchyroll 2.6.0 English

Android app to watch anime series online

DAISUKI 1.6.2 English

Loads of manga and anime

Anime TV 1.0.2 English
Anime TV 1.0.2

The application for anime fans

MyAnimeList 0.11.8 English
MyAnimeList 0.11.8

Check all the information about your favorite animes

anoBoy 1.0 English
anoBoy 1.0

Indonesian app to watch anime for free

Anime World 2.4.2 English

Enjoy the best anime on your Android

Animes Órion 1.0 English

Anime series and movies via streaming

WatchNixtoons2 0.4.9 English

All the anime you want from your Kodi

Anime Channel 2.46.64 English
Anime Channel 2.46.64

Complete anime series and movies

Wakanim 4.0.1 English
Wakanim 4.0.1

Enjoy the best of Japanese anime in mobile format

bilibili 2.3.3 English
bilibili 2.3.3

As much anime as you can imagine, in Chinese

Viewster 6.7.5 English
Viewster 6.7.5

Application for watching anime on your phone

FANime 0.00.004 English
FANime 0.00.004

Kodi's add-on to enjoy the best anime