The best apps to Patch games on Android

Want to cheat in your games or try to gain some kind of advantage? Then you should take a look at our selection of apps to patch and hack games on Android

Lulubox 6.11.0 English
Lulubox 6.11.0

Patch your games and find loads of cheats

Lucky Patcher 10.2.0 English

Tool to patch Android apps

Cheat Engine 6.5.2 English

Get hold of premium in-app elements without spending your wages

GameGuardian 101.1 English

The app to patch your Android games

Game Killer 4.10 English

Modify the values of your Android video games

Ruok FF Auto Headshot 19.18 English

Configure the sensitivity of each weapon in Free Fire

EZ Hunter FC 2.1 English

Mobile Legends Patching App

HackerBot 1.7.0 English
HackerBot 1.7.0

Find cheats for all your games

CreeHack 5.0.1 English
CreeHack 5.0.1

Download paid applications for free

SB Game Hacker 6.1 English

The cheat app for your Android games

Mobile Legends Rank Booster 1.0 English

Get special help for your Mobile Legends games

Cheat Droid Pro 2.5.5 English

Patch the apps installed on your phone

AppSara 1.0 English
AppSara 1.0

Make in-app purchases without spending a cent

REGEDIT FF 1.0 English

Patch your Free Fire games

Jasi Patcher 4.11 English

Game and app patcher that's alternative to Lucky Patcher

GameCIH 3.0.3 English
GameCIH 3.0.3

App to mod and patch games

Macro Free Fire 2.0 English

Introduce cheats and helpers in your Free Fire games

Hack App Data 1.9.11 English

Tool to modify Android apps

Antena View 7.7 English

An antenna designed to help you see your enemies better in Free Fire

Drone View ML 1.2 English

Patch to see the full map of Mobile Legends

Leo PlayCard 1.2 English

Pirate your in-app purchases within Android games

MM Super Patcher 2.2 English

App to play an action game

VIP Empire 1.7 English

The help you've been looking for to play Mobile Legends

APK Config FF 1.0 English

App for adapting low-range phones in order to play Free Fire

XMod Games 2.3.6 English
XMod Games 2.3.6

Mods and accelerators for Android games

F4X 1.0 English
F4X 1.0

An app to modify Free Fire

Uret Patcher 4.4 English

Android apps

Kuroyama DM Mobile Legends 9.5 English

Add diamonds to Mobile Legends

King Booster VIP 1.2 English

App with cheats for Mobile Legends

ROM Patcher 2.16 English

Patch video game consoles on Android

VIP Novuz 2.0 English

App for injecting cheats into Mobile Legends matches

Hack Installer 3.3.1 English

Tool to install video game MODs

Anonymous ESP 1.5 English

Anonymous ESP: App to patch up PUBG

XXZhushou 2.7.1 English
XXZhushou 2.7.1

Modify your Android games

APK Editor 1.9.10 English
APK Editor 1.9.10

Mod any app installed on your phone

Clays Virtual 1.27.0 English

The cheat app for Garena Free Fire

CLEO SA 1.1.2 English
CLEO SA 1.1.2

Tricks to play during your GTA San Andreas games

UniPatcher 0.16.1 English
UniPatcher 0.16.1

Apply or create patches for video console games

KK Gamer 3.3.5 English
KK Gamer 3.3.5

Download game MODs for Android

PlexDZX 2.0 English
PlexDZX 2.0

Take possession of Free Fire accounts