Games for Android (Page 106)

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a handheld video gaming console to have fun playing games from any genre, as well as different MODs: strategy, MMORPGs, sports, fighting, action, racing, adventures, platforms, puzzles...

The God of High School 4.10.6 English

Awesome beat 'em up based on the famous webtoon

Duels: Epic Fighting 1.4.4 English

Engage in legendary duels with automatic battles

Glory Samurai English
Glory Samurai

A beat 'em up starring Bruce Lee

Major Mayhem 10 English

Immerse yourself in a frantic action game driven by love

Decurse 1.19.309 English
Decurse 1.19.309

Bring magic back to this enchanted kingdom

Piffle 4.000.19382 English
Piffle 4.000.19382

Engaging puzzle and block-destroying game 5.83 English

A battle royale with miniature troops

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire 2.1.0 English

Defend the castle with magic and spells

Fitness RPG 4.4 English

Keep fit while role-playing

Tin Game 1.0.1 English
Tin Game 1.0.1

All Garena Free Fire news and more

Darts of Fury 3.1.0819.1100 English
Darts of Fury 3.1.0819.1100

Fun online dart game

Dream Hospital 2.1.18 English

Manage your own hospital

Chest Royale 1.00.003 English
Chest Royale 1.00.003

Earn money and get rewards by opening chests

Toon Math 1.9.5 English
Toon Math 1.9.5

Use your math skills to advance in this infinite runner game

Imagzle 1.306 English
Imagzle 1.306

Solves addictive visual puzzles

Math Riddles 1.21 English

Explore your math skills playing lots of mini-games

Nostalgia.GBC 2.0.9 English

Game Boy and Game Boy Color Emulator for Android

PokeNav English

Find the nearest Pokémon Go raids

Stick Cricket Premier League 1.9.0 English

Play hassle-free cricket

Plinko Master 2.20 English

Earn money playing this virtual version of the plinko

MMA Fighting Clash 1.38 English

Knock out your opponents in epic MMA fights

Dream House Craft 1.16-minApi23 English
Dream House Craft 1.16-minApi23

Build your dream house Minecraft style

Farkle 1.3.4 English
Farkle 1.3.4

Play the popular dice game on your Android

House Flip 3.4.1 English
House Flip 3.4.1

Renovate houses and design interiors

Dice with Ellen 8.6.6 English

Play dice with Ellen DeGeneres

Dance War 1.6 English

Choose between ballet and hip hop and become the best dancer

Project: Offroad 157 English

Drive off-road on impossible maps

Vampires Game 3.0.1 English

Multiplayer role-playing game set in the world of vampires

Skip School 3.2.3 English

Camouflage yourself and avoid having to go into class

Mines of Mars 4.2021 English

Gorgeous RPG adventure set on Mars

Dog Simulator 2.2.3 English

Well, that's it: a dog simulator

Star Girl 4.2.3 English
Star Girl 4.2.3

Frivolous simulator on the way to stardom.

Piano Beat 5.3 English

Music game that simulates piano-playing

Shopkins World 4.1.4 English

Play with the Shopkins in a virtual world

Missile Dude RPG 86 English

Face a horde of demons in this crazy clicker

Dragon Brawlers 1.17.2 English

Train your dragons and defeat your enemies in 3v3 combat

Little Alchemy 1.8.2 English

Create hundreds of elements by playing with science

Fish 2.35.0 English
Fish 2.35.0

Survive this pitched battle in the water

Dynasty Legends 9.4.600 English

Fast-paced multiplayer ARPG game

Sky Champ 6.3.6 English
Sky Champ 6.3.6

The definitive cross between Space Invaders and Pokémon