Games for Android (Page 114)

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a handheld video gaming console to have fun playing games from any genre, as well as different MODs: strategy, MMORPGs, sports, fighting, action, racing, adventures, platforms, puzzles...

Happy Bird Pro 4.0 English
Happy Bird Pro 4.0

The most addictive Flappy Bird clone

Tasty Tale 37.2.1 English
Tasty Tale 37.2.1

A kitchen puzzle

Monster Busters: Hexa Blast 1.2.80 English

A Match 3 game with brand new ideas

Home: Boov Pop! 2.3.6 English

Fun Match-3 game based on the movie Home

League of Evil Free English
League of Evil Free

Prevent the evil scientists from getting away with it

ZigZag 1.34 English
ZigZag 1.34

Prevent the ball from falling

Clash of Lords 2 1.0.325 English

Strategy game similar to Clash of Clans

Can You Escape 2.1.0 English

Manage to escape using hidden objects

The Hunger Games: Panem Rising 1.4.0 English

Help Katniss to free Panem

Kung Fu Pets 1.3.7 English

Turn your pets into the bravest kung fu fighters

Bubble Shooter Galaxy 1.1.7 English

An intergalactic match 3 based on bubbles

Contract Killer: Sniper 6.1.1 English

Eliminate your targets with one clean shot

Vampire Crystals ZombieRevenge 1.0 English
Vampire Crystals ZombieRevenge 1.0

Addictive Smash TV type arcade

Legion of Heroes 1.9.53 English

Stunning MMORPG with hundreds of missions

Brain Wars 1.0.68 English
Brain Wars 1.0.68

Train your brain with games of wit

Touchgrind BMX 1.37 English

Ride your BMX with two fingers

Modern Command 1.10.1 English

Rule out the terrorist threat

War of Nations 7.5.5 English

The war between nations has started

Birzzle Fever 1.1.2 English

An explosion of color on your Android

Crazy Squares 2.0.4 English

Help the cereal square in his crazy escap

Don't Forget the Lyrics 1.2.1 English

Complete the song's lyrics

Mimitos Virtual Cat 2.50.1 English

A very loving virtual pet

Empires of Sand 3.53 English

Excellent strategy game set in Ancient Egypt

Trivia Cast 1.5 English

The first trivia game for Chromecast

Paperama 1.5.7 English
Paperama 1.5.7

Origami on Android

100 Balls 2.4 English

The longer you last, the higher your score

Doodlecast 1.5 English

A Pictionary for Chromecast

RAVENMARK: Mercenaries 1.152 English

A great strategy game for Android

Hunger Games: Panem Run 1.0.22 English

Game based on The Hunger Games new movie

Crazy Lazy Runner 1.5 English

Exciting and entertaining platform game

Shiny The Firefly 1.0.9 English

Original and entertaining platform game

The Sandbox 1.99981 English
The Sandbox 1.99981

A God video game

7x7 1.6.0 English
7x7 1.6.0

An addictive variant of five in a row

Logo Quiz 34.1 English
Logo Quiz 34.1

Guess the brands by their logos

Epic Citadel 1.0.7 English

Enjoy the Unreal Engine 3 technical demo on Android

Steampunk Game 1.8.5 English

Use steam technology to fight against your enemies

Ruzzle 3.6.8 English
Ruzzle 3.6.8

The more words you build, the better

LINE POP2 6.7.0 English
LINE POP2 6.7.0

Match pieces of the same type and destroy the lines

The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth 14.3.2 English

Conquer the Middle-earth

Dromunio 1.9.44 English
Dromunio 1.9.44

Manage Comunio's online community from your Android