Games for Android (Page 130)

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a handheld video gaming console to have fun playing games from any genre, as well as different MODs: strategy, MMORPGs, sports, fighting, action, racing, adventures, platforms, puzzles...

Quizdom 1.6.1 English
Quizdom 1.6.1

An off-line quiz game

Spiritwish 1.3.36 English
Spiritwish 1.3.36

Beautiful RPG with manga aesthetics and retro style

BAIKOH 1.7.11 English
BAIKOH 1.7.11

Introducing the New word Tetris

MovieStarPlanet 44.2.0 English

Social game with a very visual functioning

Distraint 2.7 English

The great success of Jesse Makkonen

Morphite 1.6 English

A great adventure game with lots of history

Dungeon Legends 3.21 English

Conquer countless dungeons in this RPG

Shakes and Fidget 10.000.210915.1 English
Shakes and Fidget 10.000.210915.1

Comical role-playing game for Android

Mandala Coloring Pages 15.9.6 English

Relax while painting mandalas

Landlord Tycoon 3.9.6 English

Simulator to become a business magnate

Onmyoji 1.6.21 English
Onmyoji 1.6.21

Beautiful turn-based battle game with shikigami

Idle Gun Tycoon English
Idle Gun Tycoon

Practice your aim in this shooting simulator

Drop & Smash 1.1.10 English
Drop & Smash 1.1.10

Drop items onto objects and smash them

Draw Around 1.2.2 English

Complete the drawings without breaking your pencil

Arena Allstars 0.1.11 English

Dynamic real-time turn-based battle game

Tomb of the Mask: Color 1.0.22 English

A retro puzzle game in the style of roguelike or dungeons

Clash of Cuties 1.0.9 English

Multi-player strategy game

World Geography 1.2.121 English

Have fun learning geography

DEEMO 3.7.3 English
DEEMO 3.7.3

Enjoy playing this musical experience

iGP Manager 3.604 English

Live the Formula 1 experience with this game for Android

Rolling Domino 1.1.8 English

Throw all the domino pieces

The Horus Heresy: Legions 2.0.0 English

Card game based on the world of Warhammer 40,000 1.1.3 English 1.1.3

Throw your adversaries out of the battlefield

Guild Masters 1.310 English

An automatic role-playing combat game

Dunk n Beat 1.4.8 English

Basketball, music, and baskets

Lucky Go 1.2.6 English
Lucky Go 1.2.6

Earn money with the lottery, scratching tickets or answering quiz questions

FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion 1.12.0 English

Stay connected to Final Fantasy XIV

Onmyoji Chess 3.76.0 English

Chess evolved into a Japanese style game

Freeciv 2.6.0 English
Freeciv 2.6.0

Lead the human civilization towards progress

Spellweaver 3.98.1 English
Spellweaver 3.98.1

Role-playing card game in a classic style

Fill In 3D 1.0.9 English
Fill In 3D 1.0.9

Collect the blocks and complete the drawings

Deck Heroes: Legacy 13.3.0 English

Play intense card battles online

Words & Ladders 3.7.3 English

Answer different types of questions against other players

Digfender 1.3.6 English
Digfender 1.3.6

Defend your castle from the foundations up

Lords & Knights 9.1.1 English

An MMO medieval strategy game with a ton of details

Miracle Merchant 1.1.11 English

Create the best potions by combining cards

Shadowverse 3.5.20 English
Shadowverse 3.5.20

A card game with amazing artistic design

Sky Dancer: Parkour Freerunner 4.2.0 English

Run endlessly through spectacular scenarios

Walk Master 1.37 English

A platform game in which you have to help a sheep walk with stilts

Virus War 1.8.2 English
Virus War 1.8.2

Space ship arcade game with a classic format