Games for Android (Page 140)

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a handheld video gaming console to have fun playing games from any genre, as well as different MODs: strategy, MMORPGs, sports, fighting, action, racing, adventures, platforms, puzzles...

Artery Gear 1.0.6 English

Post-apocalyptic RPG starring mecha girls 3D 2 English

Collect bricks to build a castle

Base Jump Wing Suit Flying 2.0 English

Fly through the skies with an air suit

Silicone Color Match 0.49 English

Mix colored masses to create objects

Coloured Doors 2.56 English

Find the way out of this colorful labyrinth

Humans Scuffle 1.0.0 English

A fighting game with fighters from different eras and universes

Monster Mahjong 0.1.7 English

Combine tiles to summon monsters

Haru Cats 2.2.0 English
Haru Cats 2.2.0

A cute puzzle game with cats

Bridge Idle 2.10 English

Build bridges and decorate them as you please

GraphoGame English 1.0.8 English

Educational games that teach children how to read

Dice Up! 3.1 English

Collect money and gamble it playing dice

A Story of A Company! 1.0.3 English

A sweet visual novel about life and work

Rebirth of Chaos 1.55 English

Master the chaos in an epic fantasy world

Samurai Dash 1.0.0 English

A cool collection of light games

Hero Return 1.1.0 English

Defeat the bad guys with the help of superheroes

Fairy Rush 1.1.0 English
Fairy Rush 1.1.0

Collect monsters to breed monsters

Dancing Hair 1.0.4 English

Follow the rhythm of the music to get great hair

Aquarium Land 1.22 English

Manage your own digital aquarium

Frostfall 12.9.0 English
Frostfall 12.9.0

Defend your kingdom from frozen creatures

Smash Around Pro 0.9.3 English

Return to your childhood to play pranks on your parents

Balloons Defense 3D 0.3.8 English

Help the little monkey pop colorful balloons

Merge Farmtown 1.2.9 English

Build a village with the power of merging

Strimmer Master 1.0.0 English

Cut the grass on the run with a strimmer

Packaging Orders 0.5 English

Prepare orders and put them in the boxes

Street Rush 1.4.1 English

Run to save the city from an evil villain

Swollen Animal 1.0.6 English

Gather many different animals to help them escape

Grapple Fist 1.0.0 English

Defeat the bad guys and save the girl by bouncing off the walls

Magic Hands: Dinosaur Rescue 1.1.2 English

Rescue dinosaurs trapped in the ice

Dragon Up 2.0.6 English
Dragon Up 2.0.6

Breed and raise lots of dragons

Shoes Evolution 3D 1.9 English

Expand your luxury shoe collection on the run

Agent Grapple 1.0 English

Climb and overcome obstacles with the help of suction cups

Dolltoon 4.1.1 English
Dolltoon 4.1.1

Design cartoons with this editor

Store Manager 1.19 English

Manage your own supermarket

Mad Dex Arenas 1.2.6 English

Use your parkour skills to save your girlfriend

Mini Mini Farm 5.8 English

Manage a very cute farm

Perfect Skincare 1.1.2 English

Become a dermatologist and perform a variety of treatments

Billiards Master 1.2.9 English

Play pool like a pro

Bubble Boxes 1.4.2 English

Pop the balloons three at a time

Epic Heroes 1.0.5 English

Assemble a team of superheroes and defend your turf with dinosaurs

Macaron Boom 1.0.9 English

Delicious macaroon puzzles