Games for Android (Page 194)

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a handheld video gaming console to have fun playing games from any genre, as well as different MODs: strategy, MMORPGs, sports, fighting, action, racing, adventures, platforms, puzzles...

Shootout 3D 1.2.5 English

Aim and shoot at your enemies

Servers for Minecraft PE 2.16 English

Hundreds of Minecraft PE servers

Bridge Base Online 5.9.3 English

Play bridge with other players or against the computer

Village City 1.10.6 English
Village City 1.10.6

Become a city-building mogul

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides 1.9.18 English

One of the best auto chess games 1.1.19 English 1.1.19

Eat everything around you and grow until you become invincible

Swords and Sandals 2 2.2.3 English

Gladiator fighting game

Flip Dunk 2.53 English
Flip Dunk 2.53

Get the ball into the hoop from impossible places

League of Graphs 1.1 English

The app with all the top player stats from League of Legends

Pokémon Pass 1.0.6 English

Get new Pokémons for your games

LoL Kart 1.3.7 English
LoL Kart 1.3.7

Crazy racing game similar to Mario Kart

TEPPEN 4.0.5 English
TEPPEN 4.0.5

The card game that combines Capcom's greatest hits

Jelly Shift 1.8.7 English

Help the jelly to overcome the obstacles

Hotel Story 2.0.10 English
Hotel Story 2.0.10

Manage your own hotel resort

Stonies 1.45.017 English
Stonies 1.45.017

A Stone Age 'simulator'

Stickman Legends 2.6.0 English

Defend yourself with all kinds of weapons and spells

Blade Bound 2.22.4 English
Blade Bound 2.22.4

Action game to let off some steam with a sword

Kart Stars 1.13.6 English
Kart Stars 1.13.6

Funny kart racing game

Flappy Royale 1.3 English

Flappy Bird in a 'Battle Royale' version

School Driving 3D 2.1 English

Learn how to drive with this car simulator

Magic: Puzzle Quest 5.3.2 English

The match 3 game based on Magic's cards

The Journey 1.1.34 English
The Journey 1.1.34

Ride the best waves on your surfboard

Dinosaur Era: African Arena 1.2.4 English

Become dinosaur hunter and dinosaur prey

Word Story - Prison Break 1.04 English

Help Alan to escape from prison in this word game

Kite Flying 4.0 English

The kite fighting game

Surfing Master 1.0.4 English

Get on your board and start surfing the waves

Go Kart Go! Ultra! 2.0 English

Crazy go-kart races which are great fun

War Planet Online 4.3.0 English

Real-time strategy game in which we have to conquer the Earth

Horse Haven World Adventures 9.3.0 English

Create and run your own horse shelter

Scrambler 1.106 English
Scrambler 1.106

Retro game of ships and shots

Tank Battle Heroes 1.18.1 English

Destroy everything that gets in the way of your tank

Top Drives English
Top Drives

Card-based car racing game

Snow Bros 2.1.4 English
Snow Bros 2.1.4

The classic platform arcade game is now on your Android

Grand Mountain Adventure 1.195 English

An appealing ski game

Idle World 4.6.1 English
Idle World 4.6.1

Build Earth from scratch

Waterpark 1.0.15 English

Fun game to train your reflexes

Plumble 3.3.0 English
Plumble 3.3.0

Access Mumble's VoIP servers

Epic Seven 1.0.452 English
Epic Seven 1.0.452

Epic fantasy for this multiplayer RPG

Top Speed 1.38.1 English
Top Speed 1.38.1

An extreme racing game against a bunch of criminals and crooks

Jetpack Jump 1.4.4 English

Long jump contest with jetpacks