Games for Android (Page 50)

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a handheld video gaming console to have fun playing games from any genre, as well as different MODs: strategy, MMORPGs, sports, fighting, action, racing, adventures, platforms, puzzles...

Captain America TWS 1.0.3a English
Captain America TWS 1.0.3a

One of Marvel's most popular characters

Smash Hit 1.4.3 English
Smash Hit 1.4.3

A strange dimension full of glass to be smashed

Farm Heroes Saga 5.70.9 English

Match vegetables to save the harvest

reicast r20.04 English
reicast r20.04

Sega Dreamcast Emulator for Android

Pet Rescue Saga 1.317.11 English
Pet Rescue Saga 1.317.11

Save all the pets in the puzzles

Sine Mora 1.29 English
Sine Mora 1.29

The best shoot 'em up for Android

Cartoon Wars: Blade 1.1.0 English

A new issue of Cartoon Wars with even more action

Bubble Shoot 5.0 English

Make all the balls on the screen disappear

DogLife 1.2.1 English
DogLife 1.2.1

Become a dog and live the ultimate dog life

Investment Run 1.1.2 English

An obstacle race to riches

Battleops 1.3.5 English
Battleops 1.3.5

FPS with frenetic action, military environment and zombies 1.1.5 English 1.1.5

Take part in the Squid Game quizzes

Doll Roll Survival 0.7 English

The Squid Game in Minecraft version

Good Girl Bad Girl 1.0.4 English

Do you choose to be a good person or a bad person?

Five Nights at Floppa 1.1 English

Guard the office and don't let the big cat attack you

Arrow Fest 3.1 English

Aim your arrows and destroy all your enemies along the way

Slapstick Fighter 3941.5.8 English

Stickman type monkey fighting game

PAW Patrol Rescue World 2021.2.0 English

Complete rescue missions with PAW Patrol

Contra Returns English
Contra Returns

Destroy your enemies and the alien entity that controls them in this new Contra

Run Rich 3D 1.11 English

Make the best decisions to improve your life

Monsters Gang 3.52.1 English

Struggle to be the last one standing

Pop It Fidget 3D 1.0.6 English

Game for relieving stress

Ice Age Adventures 2.0.9a English

Lots of mini-games and Ice Age adventures

Be The Judge 1.4.3 English

Become a judge and decide the guilt or innocence of the accused

Spiral Craft 3D 1.2.0 English

Get resources in order to build your own world

Stickman The Flash 1.58.5 English

Stick man becomes a legendary warrior

Word Riddles 3.0 English

Solve the riddles and complete the words

HandyPick 1.0.19 English
HandyPick 1.0.19

Make your cryptocurrency predictions and win prizes

Crash Master 3D 4.9 English

Drive piles of vehicles and prevent them from ending up in mincemeat

Trash Truck Simulator 1.5 English

Drives the trash truck

Chapters: Interactive Stories 6.2.0 English

Hot interactive stories

Hamster Maze 0.4.0 English

Guide a friendly hamster to the exit of the maze

Stickman vs Zombies 1.5.4 English

Zombie and platform game starring stickman

Cutie Garden 1.3.5 English

Merge cute little animals in order to level up

Craft Island 1.11.2 English
Craft Island 1.11.2

Cut down trees to expand your island and build on it

Hide and Seek: Cat Escape! English

Run and hide from the cat

Impostor vs Crewmate 4.5 English

Hide-and-seek and murder game inspired by Among Us

Beggar Life 6.2.6 English

Go from beggar to business tycoon

Granny Kick Neighbor 6.2 English

Destroy everything that is put in front of you

Draw Happy Life 0.8.4 English

Draw to solve the puzzles