Games for Android (Page 80)

Turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a handheld video gaming console to have fun playing games from any genre, as well as different MODs: strategy, MMORPGs, sports, fighting, action, racing, adventures, platforms, puzzles...

Cat Jump 1.1.82 English
Cat Jump 1.1.82

A fun and tricky endless jumper game featuring a cat

Arctic Wolf Family Simulator 20 English

Live the life of an Arctic wolf

Fairy Farm 3.0.3 English
Fairy Farm 3.0.3

Give a hand to the fairies in their magical forest farm 2.2.59 English 2.2.59

.IO type game to eat as much as possible

Fit the Hole 3.0 English

Pass the block through the holes and get robux for free

WWE Undefeated English

WWE Strategic Fighting Game

Hashiriya Drifter 2.2.01 English

Multiplayer racing and drifting game with tuned cars

Dropping Ball 1.2.3 English

Drop the balls and try to the get the highest score possible

Pregnant Talking Cat Emma 2.9.3 English

Take care of a pregnant cat

Bini Super ABC! English

Fun game for children to learn the alphabet

Word Lanes 1.15.0 English
Word Lanes 1.15.0

Relax by completing word puzzles

Gangster Town 2.5 English

Get a reputation as a criminal in New Boston

Brain Find 2.4.5 English
Brain Find 2.4.5

Puzzles to think about

Prison Royale 0.2.3 English

Escape from prison in this multiplayer game

Castle Cats 3.4.1 English

Recruit an army of warrior cats

Fruits Mania 20.1116.09 English
Fruits Mania 20.1116.09

A refreshing and juicy fruit match-3

Warpath 4.20.00 English
Warpath 4.20.00

Fight in an alternative WWII

Merge Gardens 1.7.2 English

Merging elements to plant a huge garden

Destiny Heroine 3.1 English

A semi-automatic dungeon and role-playing game

Ravenhill 2.23.3 English
Ravenhill 2.23.3

Unravel the mysteries of this ghost town

G4A Indian Rummy 2.21.0 English

Fun rummy game for Android

Find the Difference Rooms 2.1.1 English

Feel like a detective finding the differences between rooms

Turbo League 2.3 English

Futuristic sports game where cars play something similar to soccer

Ocean is Home English
Ocean is Home

Try to survive on a desert island

Hockey All Stars English
Hockey All Stars

Feel all the excitement of ice hockey in 3D

Panda Jump 1.1.7 English
Panda Jump 1.1.7

An addictive endless jumper with a panda

Demolish! 2.41 English
Demolish! 2.41

Grind up the buildings until there is nothing left but dust!

Milkman Karlson 0.3 English

Chaotic and disastrous third-person shooter

Moonshades 1.8.12 English
Moonshades 1.8.12

Dungeon role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world

Lord of Heroes 1.2.012506 English
Lord of Heroes 1.2.012506

Rule a kingdom in peril in this fantastic RPG

Robbery Madness 2.0.4 English

Become a stealthy thief

Racing Smash 3D 1.0.44 English

Motorbike racing with crazy weapons

Sneak Ops 1.0.5 English
Sneak Ops 1.0.5

Sneak around a military base that changes every day

Braid Salon 1.5.1 English

Become an expert hairdresser

Balance Ball 1.25 English

Keep the ball steady

West Game 3.7.1 English
West Game 3.7.1

Survive the Wild West

Otherworld Legends 1.10.0 English

Interesting action, fighting and classic style roguelite

Warzone 5.09.1 English
Warzone 5.09.1

Risk Style strategic warfare battles

Extra Lives 1.14 English

The zombie apocalypse is here

Fruit Clinic 0.2.7 English

A crazy game where we become fruit doctors