Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 10)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Ultimate Rugby 2.6.8 English

All the news and information about rugby on your Android

Ancestry 12.24.1 English
Ancestry 12.24.1

Search your family tree

Financial Times 2.89.0 English

The most comprehensive financial information

Nova Poshta 5.109.5 English
Nova Poshta 5.109.5

The app for Ukranian postage

Zappos 10.1.1 English
Zappos 10.1.1

Shoes, clothing and accessories store app

La Redoute 9.6.1 English
La Redoute 9.6.1

Online fashion and household items store

Safeway 7.6.0 English
Safeway 7.6.0

Save money by shopping at U.S. supermarkets

11st 8.6.4 English
11st 8.6.4

Buy almost anything from Korea

SWOODOO 102.1 English

The app to plan your trip in detail

Akhbarona 2.0 English

The official app of the Moroccan newspaper

Wolt 3.20.2 English
Wolt 3.20.2

Get home food delivery from restaurants in your city

Smart AudioBook Player 8.0.0 English

Audiobook player for Android

Easy Taxi 7.58.0 English
Easy Taxi 7.58.0

Cabify's app offers different urban mobility services

PETA Points 2.5 English

Fight for animal rights and win prizes

TripIt 10.5.1 English
TripIt 10.5.1

Plan all your trips down to the last detail

Tripoto 2.22.8 English
Tripoto 2.22.8

Share and plan your trips with other users

Yarn 7.10.0 English
Yarn 7.10.0

Read stories written as if they were a chat conversation

Wego 6.0.4 English
Wego 6.0.4

Find flights and hotels at the best prices

HotelTonight 21.5.0 English
HotelTonight 21.5.0

Find the best hotel and accommodation offers

Carousell 2.235.1037.978 English
Carousell 2.235.1037.978

Online trading app for particulars

Starbucks 6.4 English

Say goodbye to waiting in line and paying in cash

Marktplaats 11.31.1 English
Marktplaats 11.31.1

Purchases and sales between individuals by means of auctions

Nykaa 2.5.8 English
Nykaa 2.5.8

Buy makeup online

KAYAK 133.0 English
KAYAK 133.0

Search for cheap cars, flights, and hotels

TIX ID 1.22.1 English
TIX ID 1.22.1

The app to purchase movie tickets in Indonesia

Skiplagged 2.5.4 English
Skiplagged 2.5.4

Find cheap flights thanks to skiplagging

EasyBib 2.4.4 English
EasyBib 2.4.4

A tool for bibliographic citations

Jabong 5.7.1 English
Jabong 5.7.1

Your app to do your shopping online

Librera 8.0.39 English
Librera 8.0.39

Read your eBooks on your phone

Audioteka 2.4.2 English
Audioteka 2.4.2

Online audiobook store

Grubhub 2021.32.1 English
Grubhub 2021.32.1

Receive the best food on your doorstep

FBReader 3.0.31 English
FBReader 3.0.31

A decent free eBook reader

Amazon Prime Now 4.22.1 English

Amazon's fast deliver service 80.05 English 80.05

Buy train tickets in France

Fotolog 1.0 English
Fotolog 1.0

An app for all kinds of news and reports

DHgate 5.3.0 English
DHgate 5.3.0

Online store at cheap prices

MoboReader 1.2.1 English
MoboReader 1.2.1

The app to read and purchase books

DOSH 1.12.0 English
DOSH 1.12.0

Recover some of the money spent on your online purchases

Yahoo Newsroom 16.0 English

All the information you need in a single app

SNCF 10.74.1 English
SNCF 10.74.1

The official Android app of the French National Railway Company