Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 12)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Blinkist 8.10.0 English
Blinkist 8.10.0

Non-fiction books for people who don't have time to read

Influenster 3.3.15 English
Influenster 3.3.15

Know all the details of a product before you buy it

Drizly 4.19.5 English
Drizly 4.19.5

All kinds of drinks, wines, and beers on delivery

Tokyo Disney Resort 1.6.1 English

The official app of the magical Japanese theme park

BevQ 4.0 English
BevQ 4.0

Reserve your line number to buy your drinks

KAI Access 4.4.1 English
KAI Access 4.4.1

Buy your train tickets in Indonesia

EatSure 6.0.7 English
EatSure 6.0.7

Order food from many Indian establishments

Traveloka 3.34.1 English
Traveloka 3.34.1

Book everything you need for your vacation like flights, cars, and hotels

redBus 13.9.1 English
redBus 13.9.1

Buy bus tickets in different countries

Grab Driver 5.203.0 English
Grab Driver 5.203.0

Earn money as a VTC driver

MrSpeedy 2.51.1 English
MrSpeedy 2.51.1

Official app of the courier company

Poll Pay 4.0.5 English
Poll Pay 4.0.5

Earn money by answering surveys

Innovel 1.8.0 English
Innovel 1.8.0

App with hundreds of novels to read online

Samsung Gift 3.11 English

Special offers on purchases for Samsung users

Wayfair 5.83 English
Wayfair 5.83

Online store for home and decoration

Flipboard Briefing 3.3.4 English

The Flipboard app for keeping up with topics that interest you

Uber Driver 4.326.10002 English
Uber Driver 4.326.10002

Earn extra money by transporting shipments and passengers

Issuu 5.56.0 English
Issuu 5.56.0

Create and read hundreds of stories and magazines

ShopBack 3.44.1 English
ShopBack 3.44.1

Save on your purchases with coupons and offers

Floryday 6.6.0 English
Floryday 6.6.0

Expand your clothes collection with style and good taste

Hippo Magic 4.1.0 English

Reading and augmented reality app for children 12.0.1 English 12.0.1

Turkish online store with unbeatable prices

PocketFlip 1.0.4 English
PocketFlip 1.0.4

Get 'free' gift cards

B+ Manga Reader 3.0.6 English

Read and manage tons of mangas, manhuas, and manhwas

App in the Air 5.4.0 English

Check your flight status in real-time

Mi Ticket Wallet 4.3.8 English

Your Edenred cards and discounts on your mobile

The Flight Tracker 2.6.2 English

Manage and track your flights in real time

Flight Board 6.2 English

Check the updated status of flights

Aena English

All the information about the Spanish airport management company in your pocket

Wabi 1.8.20 English
Wabi 1.8.20

Buy at small local stores and kiosks

Future Pay 3.0.35 English
Future Pay 3.0.35

The wallet app to shop at the Future Group stores

Voter Helpline 3.0.39 English

Ultimate informative app for all Indian voters

ALDI 3.14.0 English
ALDI 3.14.0

Make the shopping list in this digital version of the supermarket brochure

AnyBooks 3.22.0 English
AnyBooks 3.22.0

Platform for reading and publishing books

Ulabox 60.0.35 English
Ulabox 60.0.35

Your supermarket completely online

Alcampo 2.0.1 English
Alcampo 2.0.1

The hypermarket app to do your shopping online

Dreame 1.9.0 English
Dreame 1.9.0

A platform of books oriented to the female public

Eventbrite 8.11.0 English
Eventbrite 8.11.0

Don't miss a single event, festival, party or concert

Memories 2.0.4 English
Memories 2.0.4

Dive into tons of interactive graphic novels

Air Traffic 10.5 English

Follow air traffic in real time