Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 14)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time 3.5.0 English 3.5.0

Speed camera and highway hazard detector

zooplus 10.7.1 English
zooplus 10.7.1

Buy all the products of the famous pet shop from your mobile

YEGO 3.9.8 English
YEGO 3.9.8

Rent green vehicles to move around the city

Sephora 21.2 English
Sephora 21.2

The official app of the cosmetics and make-up store

Treatwell 4.287.0 English
Treatwell 4.287.0

Book appointments in beauty salons from your Android

Spotted by Locals 2.5.7 English

Sightseeing with recommendations from users like you

Visit A City 4.0.45 English
Visit A City 4.0.45

Find interesting activities in all cities

Booksy 2.1.73_243 English
Booksy 2.1.73_243

Make an appointment at a hairdresser's or beauty salon

GetYourGuide 3.81.1 English
GetYourGuide 3.81.1

Find the best activities for your trips

Culture Trip 2.7.18 English
Culture Trip 2.7.18

Plan your trip without leaving the couch

Mehr tanken English
Mehr tanken

App for finding cheap gas stations near you

JOANN 7.0.5 English
JOANN 7.0.5

The app of the fabric and craft shop

Chipotle 10.2.0 English
Chipotle 10.2.0

Order mexican takeaway

Mint Business News 4.7.1 English

Get news from the world of business and finance

LimeRoad 6.4.6 English
LimeRoad 6.4.6

Shop for clothes, shoes, and fashion items

Taco Bell 7.23.0 English
Taco Bell 7.23.0

The US fast food chain's official app

MileIQ English

Mileage tracker for business costs

BigDish 3.12.38 English
BigDish 3.12.38

Book a table in a restaurant with a discount

eatigo 6.5 English
eatigo 6.5

Make reservations in restaurants with juicy discounts

Zara Home 5.9.2 English
Zara Home 5.9.2

Get your home equipped with the best decorative elements

Quandoo 3.11.0-1 English
Quandoo 3.11.0-1

The app to make reservations in the best restaurants

Billionhands 2.14.0 English
Billionhands 2.14.0

The best deals to buy at the best price

Social Deal 5.5.0 English

Sign up for the best plans at incredible prices

Shopkick 5.9.60 English
Shopkick 5.9.60

Earn points and refunds by purchasing

The Coupons App 18.59 English

The best coupons from your favorite stores on your Android

LivingSocial 20.18.303454 English
LivingSocial 20.18.303454

Discover and book activities and events in your area

GOAT 1.57.4 English
GOAT 1.57.4

The platform for purchasing top-of-the-range sneakers

thredUP 5.10.3 English
thredUP 5.10.3

Buy and sell second-hand clothes

Guitar Center 3.4.2020211012 English
Guitar Center 3.4.2020211012

The official app of the popular American music store

Kohl's 7.70 English
Kohl's 7.70

Shop at this famous store from your Android

Serial Box 3.5.0 English
Serial Box 3.5.0

The best science fiction and fantasy books and audiobooks

RetailMeNot 6.8.1 English

Get coupons and discounts for your online purchases

Miraquill 2.4 English

Unleash your creative writing skills

ShopSavvy 16.0.15 English
ShopSavvy 16.0.15

Compare prices and find products from lots of shops

Blibli 7.4.0 English
Blibli 7.4.0

Your online shopping mall

Influenster 3.3.15 English
Influenster 3.3.15

Know all the details of a product before you buy it

Drizly 4.19.5 English
Drizly 4.19.5

All kinds of drinks, wines, and beers on delivery

Tokyo Disney Resort 1.6.1 English

The official app of the magical Japanese theme park

EatSure 6.0.7 English
EatSure 6.0.7

Order food from many Indian establishments

Wayfair 5.83 English
Wayfair 5.83

Online store for home and decoration