Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 16)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Financial Times 2.89.0 English

The most comprehensive financial information

Catch 2.9.2 English
Catch 2.9.2

Read stories in chat format

OYO 5.2.69 English
OYO 5.2.69

App for making your reservations at OYO hotels

Alfa Gift 4.0.29 English
Alfa Gift 4.0.29

The app for Alfamart customers

Playsee English

Social network for travelers and adventurers

Nova Poshta 5.109.5 English
Nova Poshta 5.109.5

The app for Ukranian postage

Zappos 10.1.1 English
Zappos 10.1.1

Shoes, clothing and accessories store app

Rakuten Ebates 7.18.1 English

Coupons and cash back discounts for purchases on Rakuten

Seamless 7.153 English
Seamless 7.153

App to order food delivered at home

Safeway 7.6.0 English
Safeway 7.6.0

Save money by shopping at U.S. supermarkets

OpenTable English

App for making restaurant reservations

SWOODOO 102.1 English

The app to plan your trip in detail

Wolt 3.20.2 English
Wolt 3.20.2

Get home food delivery from restaurants in your city

Smart AudioBook Player 8.0.0 English

Audiobook player for Android

FindShip 5.2.15 English
FindShip 5.2.15

Find any ship in the world

My Green Footprint 1.0.8 English

A bit of help with reducing your carbon footprint

Libib 4.0.22 English
Libib 4.0.22

A simple cataloger for your library

idealo 19.11.3 English
idealo 19.11.3

Your ideal online shopping partner

My Library 2.0.2 English
My Library 2.0.2

Manage your library from your Android

PETA Points 2.5 English

Fight for animal rights and win prizes

Bookly 1.5.8 English
Bookly 1.5.8

Keep track of your books

Guides by Lonely Planet English

The most complete travel guide, on your mobile

Quit Meat 1.8 English

A little bit of help for those who want to become vegetarian or vegan

Sygic Travel 5.14.4 English
Sygic Travel 5.14.4

Plan hassle-free travel

AptoVegan 1.7.9 English
AptoVegan 1.7.9

Would you like to know if that product is vegan?

TripIt 10.5.1 English
TripIt 10.5.1

Plan all your trips down to the last detail

Tripoto 2.22.8 English
Tripoto 2.22.8

Share and plan your trips with other users

Inkitt 2.13.17 English
Inkitt 2.13.17

The online library for hipsters

Kickstarter 2.13.1 English
Kickstarter 2.13.1

Support and sponsor projects of all kinds

Yarn 7.10.0 English
Yarn 7.10.0

Read stories written as if they were a chat conversation

Ubeeqo 5.11.0 English
Ubeeqo 5.11.0

Rent cars and vans by the hour

Getaround 9.15.0 English
Getaround 9.15.0

Rent cars by the hour or by the day

HotelTonight 21.5.0 English
HotelTonight 21.5.0

Find the best hotel and accommodation offers

Carousell 2.235.1037.978 English
Carousell 2.235.1037.978

Online trading app for particulars

Hostelworld 8.24.0 English
Hostelworld 8.24.0

The app to find hostels and lodging

Lenskart 2.7.9 English
Lenskart 2.7.9

Online store for glasses

Starbucks 6.4 English

Say goodbye to waiting in line and paying in cash

Cheapflights 125.2 English

Find the cheapest plane tickets

Chilindo 31.55 English
Chilindo 31.55

Find all sorts of items in this online auction app

Momondo 136.1 English
Momondo 136.1

Flight and hotel price comparator