Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 19)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

QuickThoughts 2.21.2 English

Rewarded surveys

Lieferheld 6.21.0 English
Lieferheld 6.21.0

Home delivery food all over Europe 5.71.1 English 5.71.1

Search for and book plane tickets

RideU 1.0.1 English
RideU 1.0.1

Find a bike in your city

Zomato 16.0.5 English
Zomato 16.0.5

Find where to eat out

Stocard 8.38.2 English
Stocard 8.38.2

Get some space in your wallet with this app to manage loyalty cards

Hype Machine 1.3.16 English
Hype Machine 1.3.16

Discover the best music blogs around

Watchup 4.0.5 English
Watchup 4.0.5

The day's news summarized in a video

Anywayanyday 6.0.2 English

Plan your trips with this flight and hotel search engine

Reddit is Fun 5.0.9 English

The client you need for Reddit

Next Glass 2.2.0 English
Next Glass 2.2.0

Receive customized wine and beer recommendations

Amovens 6.34.0 English
Amovens 6.34.0

The app to share expenses on your trips

Source 3.5.3 English
Source 3.5.3

News reader based on Material Design

Yaap Shopping 2.5.1 English

Purchase from your phone and get hold of offers and discounts

Ask Me Anything 1.1.7 English

The most popular interviews on the Internet

Zofari 2.2.9 English
Zofari 2.2.9

The app that helps you choose a plan to go out

Oyster 2015031111 English
Oyster 2015031111

The Spotify for books

RenfeTicket 3.0.4 English

Buy your train tickets with your Android

TapHunter 4.2.5 English
TapHunter 4.2.5

Find out where you can drink your favorite bottle of beer

Untappd 3.5.3 English
Untappd 3.5.3

The Foursquare of beers

Fever 5.5.1 English
Fever 5.5.1

Find a plan for tonight

Ztory 4.10.1 English
Ztory 4.10.1

Access dozens of publications constantly updated

Circa News 3.1.3 English
Circa News 3.1.3

A quick way to know what's going on

imixme 1.2 English
imixme 1.2

Exchange the objects you don't need

FlightTrack 1.1 English

The best guide for your flights

NewsJet 3.0 English
NewsJet 3.0

A new feed reader for Android

Flyne 2.0.1 English
Flyne 2.0.1

A promising news reader for Android

City Maps 2Go 12.0.2 English

Offline interactive maps and travel guides

ParkMe 2.0.32 English
ParkMe 2.0.32

Find parking easily

Destinia 7.7.1 English
Destinia 7.7.1

Search for flights, rental cars, and hotels at the best rates

Pepecar 2.1.2 English
Pepecar 2.1.2

Rent cheap cars from your Android

Europcar 3.1.6 English
Europcar 3.1.6

Find and book your rental car

Hertz RentACar 5.4 English

Rent a car from your mobile

aFerry 5.4 English
aFerry 5.4

Book ferry tickets at the best price

Taptu 2.6.0 English
Taptu 2.6.0

Stay up to date with this social news reader

Google Offers 2.0.2 English

The service of offers by Google

MangaDroid chunin_30 English
MangaDroid chunin_30

Manga comic reader

Pocket English

Enjoy the contents of the Internet whenever you want

feedly 82.0.2 English
feedly 82.0.2

Enhanced news reader

Google Play Books 5.16.7_RC06.368101239 English
Google Play Books 5.16.7_RC06.368101239

Google's reader for eBooks