Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 5)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Marvel Unlimited 6.9.4 English

Access Marvel's library of comics

Rappi 6.50.20210406-33641 English
Rappi 6.50.20210406-33641

Buy food and receive it at home

Swiggy 3.76.2 English
Swiggy 3.76.2

Search for and find the best home delivery food

IRCTC Rail Connect 4.1.2 English

Application to buy train tickets in India

appKarma 3.5.32 English
appKarma 3.5.32

Earn rewards and bonuses on your phone

DENT 2.1.2 English
DENT 2.1.2

Send phone top-ups to other people

Vova 2.133.0 English
Vova 2.133.0

Online store at incredible prices

DB Navigator 20.10.p05.00 English
DB Navigator 20.10.p05.00

The Deutsche Bahn app for Android

Yandex Go 4.50.0 English
Yandex Go 4.50.0

The taxi app of the Russian tech giant

IKEA 3.0.0 English
IKEA 3.0.0

Purchasing from IKEA had never been so easy

Audible 3.14.0 English
Audible 3.14.0

Purchase and download audio-books to your Android device

Qatar Airways 12.3.2 English

Book and manage your flights

ShopSave 2.1.0 English
ShopSave 2.1.0

Shop online and get the most from great discounts

Phenix 3.63.0 English
Phenix 3.63.0

Helps avoid food waste

17TRACK 3.1.4880 English
17TRACK 3.1.4880

Track your orders from the official company app

Grab Driver 5.174.0 English
Grab Driver 5.174.0

Earn money as a VTC driver

Coupang 6.3.8 English
Coupang 6.3.8

Online store from Korea

Make Money 2.1.0 English
Make Money 2.1.0

Earn money by completing tasks with your Android device

Uber Lite 1.126.10001 English
Uber Lite 1.126.10001

The lightweight version of Uber

Lidl Plus 14.43.0 English
Lidl Plus 14.43.0

This app should interest you if you're a Lidl customer

99 - Private Driver and Taxi 6.15.1 English

Your taxi or private driver in the same Android app

Mango App 21.03.00 English
Mango App 21.03.00

Purchas clothes and accessories from your phone

FREE NOW 11.8.0 English
FREE NOW 11.8.0

The first taxi app in the world

NYTimes 9.31 English
NYTimes 9.31

Read one of the most renowned papers on your smartphone

BuzzFeed 2021.19 English
BuzzFeed 2021.19

The official app of the news portal 5.0.8 English

Find your menu at the best price

Voi 3.95.1 English
Voi 3.95.1

The app for renting scooters and electric bikes

StockX 4.12.4 English
StockX 4.12.4

Financial market-style commodity trading

Whoosh 1.6.1 English
Whoosh 1.6.1

Rent an electric scooter to get around the city

DoorDash Driver 6.25.1 English

The app for DoorDash delivery drivers

PatPat 6.4.1 English
PatPat 6.4.1

Clothing for babies, children and women

Hinovel 3.1.5 English
Hinovel 3.1.5

Read novels of every genres on your smartphone

ABOUT YOU 6.29.0 English
ABOUT YOU 6.29.0

The online store where you can buy the best fashion in Europe

VIZ Manga 4.2.1 English
VIZ Manga 4.2.1

All the manga in one app

YouGov English

The power of opinion in your hands

Autotrader English

Platform for buying and selling second-hand vehicles

Babel Novel 1.2.408 English
Babel Novel 1.2.408

Read light oriental novels on your Android

The Guardian 6.68.12824 English
The Guardian 6.68.12824

The official app of the British newspaper

Shopify 9.29.0 English
Shopify 9.29.0

An app for managing online stores

GameFly 9.15-310a6082 English
GameFly 9.15-310a6082

Buy games and movies and get information