Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 6)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Coin Pop 4.1.8 English
Coin Pop 4.1.8

Get a few quarters trying out apps on your Android

Hippo Magic 4.1.0 English

Reading and augmented reality app for children

App in the Air 5.4.0 English

Check your flight status in real-time

Voter Helpline 3.0.39 English

Ultimate informative app for all Indian voters

Gift Wallet 1.7.30 English
Gift Wallet 1.7.30

Perform easy tasks and get cash

Meetup 4.39.3 English
Meetup 4.39.3

Find events and activities in your city

Angkas 7.0.21 English
Angkas 7.0.21

Service for renting motorbikes with a driver

Patreon 6.4.5 English
Patreon 6.4.5

Become a patron of your favorite creator

OYO 5.2.69 English
OYO 5.2.69

App for making your reservations at OYO hotels

Trendyol English

Turkish online fashion store featuring top brands

Ubeeqo 5.11.0 English
Ubeeqo 5.11.0

Rent cars and vans by the hour

Sites in VR 8.14 English

Visit beautiful places in VR

KOReader 2019.08 English
KOReader 2019.08

Sober and minimalistic eReader for Android

LINE WEBTOON 2.7.2 English

The manga app developed by LINE

Manga Box 2.3.3 English
Manga Box 2.3.3

Your app to read manga

Myntra 4.2009.1 English
Myntra 4.2009.1

Your online fashion and home furniture store

Cool Reader 3.2.53-1 English
Cool Reader 3.2.53-1

Attractive eBook reader

Bookari 4.2.5 English
Bookari 4.2.5

An eBook app adapted to the reader's habits

Trovit Homes 4.47.5 English
Trovit Homes 4.47.5

Trovit's app to find a home

Kobo Books 8.23.29295 English
Kobo Books 8.23.29295

Online store for eBooks 8.33 English 8.33

The app of to purchase cars in Germany

AutoScout24 9.7.0 English

Comfortably purchase and sell vehicles

Bookmate 6.13 English
Bookmate 6.13

Loads of books available at a cheap price

McDonald's 6.18.2 English
McDonald's 6.18.2

The official McDonald's app for Android

Marvel Comics English
Marvel Comics

Manage and enjoy your Marvel comic collection

trivago 5.49.1 English
trivago 5.49.1

Search and find accommodation at the best price

BlaBlaCar 5.97.1 English
BlaBlaCar 5.97.1

Share expenses when traveling by care

Google News English
Google News

The news and customized information service

Fotocasa 7.35.0 English
Fotocasa 7.35.0

The application to find a house to rent or buy

Amazon Kindle English
Amazon Kindle

Amazon's eBook app for Android

Dollar General 7.18.8 English

Coupons and discounts for saving on your shopping

Opodo 4.347.0 English
Opodo 4.347.0

The online travel agency with tons of deals

Mitula Homes 5.6 English

Find the house of your dreams in this search engine

Hotels Combined 136.1 English

Find the perfect hotel from your mobile

Hotwire 13.11.1 English
Hotwire 13.11.1

Your pocket travel agency

Back Market 3.22 English

The French e-commerce of refurbished devices

Lithium 0.24.1 English
Lithium 0.24.1

EPUB reader for smartphones

OLIO 2.68.9 English
OLIO 2.68.9

Give away food that you don't need or get food for free

Pathao 6.9.0 English
Pathao 6.9.0

On-demand travel and home delivery

KFC 8.3.7 English
KFC 8.3.7

Kentucky Fried Chicken's official app