Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 7)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Radar Maps 7.0 English

Forget about speeding tickets!

C&A 2.5.0 English
C&A 2.5.0

An app to buy online in the fashion store

InboxDollars 3.4.0 English

Earn money by doing simple tasks with your mobile

Smartprix 1.7.2 English
Smartprix 1.7.2

Compare prices of electronic products in stores in India

MySmartPrice 5.9.6 English

Find out where to buy tech products at the best prices

The Times of India English

The popular Indian newspaper in mobile format

GoFundMe 5.2.1 English
GoFundMe 5.2.1

Create and manage crowdfunding campaigns

bonprix 1.5.5 English
bonprix 1.5.5

Buy fashion for men, women and children

Divar 11.3.0 English
Divar 11.3.0

App for buying and selling new and second hand items

VRR-App 5.54.17317 English
VRR-App 5.54.17317

The app for moving around with public transport in the Rhine-Ruhr region of Germany

Shopkick 5.9.60 English
Shopkick 5.9.60

Earn points and refunds by purchasing

Blinkist 8.10.0 English
Blinkist 8.10.0

Non-fiction books for people who don't have time to read

Tapas 5.3.5 English
Tapas 5.3.5

Read comics and novels on your mobile

PocketFlip 1.0.4 English
PocketFlip 1.0.4

Get 'free' gift cards

Amazon Assistant 18.1.0 English

Purchase whatever suits your needs on Amazon

Geev 3.2.19 English
Geev 3.2.19

Donate what you do not need and get items and food in return

CDisplayEx 1.2.66 English
CDisplayEx 1.2.66

Comic book reader for Android that supports several formats

Planes Live 1.7.0 English

App to track flights in real time

RT News 3.5.42 English
RT News 3.5.42

App of the Russian TV channel Russia Today

Alfa Gift 4.0.29 English
Alfa Gift 4.0.29

The app for Alfamart customers

Fox News 4.37.0 English
Fox News 4.37.0

Official app of the famous subscription news channel

JetBlue 4.19.3 English
JetBlue 4.19.3

Manage all your tickets and travel vouchers

idealo 19.11.3 English
idealo 19.11.3

Your ideal online shopping partner

Comics English

Online comic store

Bunny Free 3.0 English

Check if a company experiments with animals

TCG Market 1.0 English

Buy and sell cards for a range of games

Grofers 6.2.2 English
Grofers 6.2.2

Your online food shopping

Bleacher Report 8.19.0 English

American sports information in your pocket

Parkopedia English

Directory of free parking spaces

Banggood 7.28.1 English
Banggood 7.28.1

Online store with thousands of cheap items

GuteBooks 1.4.1 English
GuteBooks 1.4.1

A huge free library for Android

Amazon Kindle Lite 1.16 English

Read eBooks from Amazon's store on low-end devics

GOJEK 4.17.2 English
GOJEK 4.17.2

The app of the home delivery service provider

Poshmark 3.40 English
Poshmark 3.40

Online clothes store where you can buy and sell items

Zalando Lounge 1.11.43 English

The app for Zalando's private sales channel

Shopfully 8.9.8 English
Shopfully 8.9.8

All the leaflets of your nearest stores

Shop Samsung 1.0.23896 English
Shop Samsung 1.0.23896

The application for Samsung's online store

Deliveroo 3.78.0 English
Deliveroo 3.78.0

Application for the home delivery of food

Agoda 9.38.0 English
Agoda 9.38.0

Android app of the web to book cheap hotels

Nespresso 3.22.2 English
Nespresso 3.22.2

Purchase capsules and machines, and find out about updates