Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 8)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

Glovo 5.138.0 English
Glovo 5.138.0

Buy from your sofa and get it delivered

Zara 10.9.1 English
Zara 10.9.1

The Android app of Inditex's fashion store

Uento 11.5 English
Uento 11.5

Earn money by trying out applications

TripAdvisor 44.2 English

Plan and book your trips easily

The Economist Espresso 1.10.4 English

Financial information offered by The Economist

Meow 1.0.6 English
Meow 1.0.6

A simple manga reader with dozens of titles

Car Finder AR 3.2.5 English

Locate where you've parked your car

DC Comics English
DC Comics

All the DC comics to read on your Android

Songkick Concerts 6.19 English

The developers of the Mafgames studio know how to attack where it hurts the most: directly to the fe

FirstCry 9.9.19 English
FirstCry 9.9.19

Store and information resources for moms and dads

BuzzGo 1.0.2 English
BuzzGo 1.0.2

All the gossip of India in your pocket

Mamaearth 18.2.15 English
Mamaearth 18.2.15

Cosmetics store now available on smartphones

Redfin 376.0 English
Redfin 376.0

Find your dream home

WeComics English

Download and enjoy a large collection of comics on your Android

Snapcart 12.20.1 English
Snapcart 12.20.1

Get discounts and special offers by scanning purchase receipts

Uber Fleet 1.188.10000 English
Uber Fleet 1.188.10000

The app for Uber partner drivers

Rome2rio 2.1.16 English
Rome2rio 2.1.16

Transport information for your travels and journeys

Kokru 0.51.0 English
Kokru 0.51.0

Customized news platform

Yelp for Business 21.39.0-21213917 English
Yelp for Business 21.39.0-21213917

Manage your business on Yelp from your smartphone

Urbanic 2.2.25 English
Urbanic 2.2.25

A women's clothing store in your pocket

Radish 3.16.3 English
Radish 3.16.3

Small format novel of every genre

LINE MAN 7.8.1 English
LINE MAN 7.8.1

Order your on-demand services

Haystack News 3.95 English

All the world's news in your pocket

DNS Shop 2.1 English

The Russian electronics store now on your Android

Cornershop by Uber 2.4.8 English

Make your purchase and receive it at home on the same day

getir 2.9.0 English
getir 2.9.0

Receive products and food in minutes

The Athletic 11.12.0 English
The Athletic 11.12.0

The official app of the prestigious sports information publication

Turo 21.8.0 English
Turo 21.8.0

Car sharing and car rental in more than 5,000 cities

AiryDress 3.0.0 English
AiryDress 3.0.0

Online fashion store for women

JioMart 1.0.14 English
JioMart 1.0.14

Shop at this online supermarket and get your order delivered

Snapp 5.16.0 English
Snapp 5.16.0

The transportation app for the Middle East

IGN Entertainment 5.0.20 English

The IGN entertainment portal app

Business Insider 14.0.2 English

The official app of financial news media

The Wall Street Journal English

All the economic news on your smartphone

Survey Junkie 1.11.10 English
Survey Junkie 1.11.10

Earn money by answering surveys

Streetbees 3.34.3 English
Streetbees 3.34.3

Earn money by responding to surveys

Carmudi 5.6.5 English
Carmudi 5.6.5

Sell or buy a vehicle without complications

BakaReader EX 1.1.56 English

Collection of light novels for Android

Etsy 5.84.0 English
Etsy 5.84.0

The most inspiring online fashion and accessories store

PriceSpy 3.6.2 English
PriceSpy 3.6.2

Save money by comparing product prices in a single app