Lifestyle Applications for Android (Page 9)

Online shopping, restaurants, travels, movies, hotels.. Find and download lifestyle applications for Android and make the most of your free time

ShareTheMeal 6.31.0 English
ShareTheMeal 6.31.0

Solidarity application to bring food to children in need

ABP Live TV News 10.0.5 English

The official app of the Indian channel ABP

AliHelper 3.1.17 English
AliHelper 3.1.17

The app for comparing products on AliExpress

Transit 5.8.6 English
Transit 5.8.6

The app you need to travel by public transport

EasyWay 4.1.0 English
EasyWay 4.1.0

Your public transport app for northern Europe

AJIO 6.13.2 English
AJIO 6.13.2

An online store where you can find top fashion items

SaraMart 2.3.3 English
SaraMart 2.3.3

Purchase fashion, electronic, or home products and get free shipping

Google Shopping 59 English

The Google app for shopping at thousands of stores

Chewy 3.9.2 English
Chewy 3.9.2

The store for animal lovers

Favor 1.22.5-3f92914.1192 English
Favor 1.22.5-3f92914.1192

Ask for anything in your city and have it delivered within the hour

HelloFresh 21.36 English
HelloFresh 21.36

Receive fresh recipes and ingredients every week

Slice Package Tracker 6.13 English

Track all your orders and receive notices of lowered prices

Gadget Flow 5.3.0 English

Discover and buy the latest technology on your Android

Track24 1.97 English
Track24 1.97

Track all your packages

Daily Mail Online 5.2.21 English

The British newspaper on your smartphone

USA Today 6.2.1 English
USA Today 6.2.1

The official app of the American newspaper

i-Say 2.3.2 English
i-Say 2.3.2

Fill out surveys and receive awards in return

Karrot 6.2.9 English
Karrot 6.2.9

Buy and sell stuff at a digital flea market

Offi 11.3.6 English
Offi 11.3.6

Public Transportation Trip Planner 3.5.0 English 3.5.0

Speed camera and highway hazard detector

GetYourGuide 3.81.1 English
GetYourGuide 3.81.1

Find the best activities for your trips

Mehr tanken English
Mehr tanken

App for finding cheap gas stations near you

Jetradar 3.49.0 English
Jetradar 3.49.0

Get the best deals on air travel

Roadtrippers English

Plan your road trips

RetailMeNot 6.8.1 English

Get coupons and discounts for your online purchases

Astonishing Comic Reader 3.32 English

Comic book reader with state-of-the-art features

IPSY 3.6.2 English
IPSY 3.6.2

Discover new cosmetics every day

Tokyo Disney Resort 1.6.1 English

The official app of the magical Japanese theme park

Flipboard Briefing 3.3.4 English

The Flipboard app for keeping up with topics that interest you

Uber Driver 4.326.10002 English
Uber Driver 4.326.10002

Earn extra money by transporting shipments and passengers

ShopBack 3.44.1 English
ShopBack 3.44.1

Save on your purchases with coupons and offers

Wabi 1.8.20 English
Wabi 1.8.20

Buy at small local stores and kiosks

Future Pay 3.0.35 English
Future Pay 3.0.35

The wallet app to shop at the Future Group stores

Ulabox 60.0.35 English
Ulabox 60.0.35

Your supermarket completely online

Eventbrite 8.11.0 English
Eventbrite 8.11.0

Don't miss a single event, festival, party or concert

Spirit Fanfiction 2.1.189 English

Discover original stories and publish your books

Subway 29.4.1 English
Subway 29.4.1

Official app of the popular snacks and sandwiches restaurant

ReadEra 21.01.29 English
ReadEra 21.01.29

Read books comfortably on your Android

BaBe English

Follow all Indonesian news

SHARE NOW 4.38.0 English
SHARE NOW 4.38.0

Grab a car whenever you need to without having your own