Multimedia Players for Android

These multimedia players for Android allow you to listen to music and watch all sorts of videos stored on your phone's memory in different formats

YouTube 14.12.53 English
YouTube 14.12.53

The official app of Google's video portal

YouTube Vanced 14.10.53 English
YouTube Vanced 14.10.53

The YouTube client that blocks adverts

MaxTube 1.0 English
MaxTube 1.0

App that brings together different Indian YouTube channels

Play Tube 1.0.8 English
Play Tube 1.0.8

Turn YouTube into your music player

YouTube Creator Studio 18.48.100 English

The app to manage your YouTube channel

YouTube Go 2.11.53 English
YouTube Go 2.11.53

The official YouTube app to download videos

Dailymotion 1.36.12 English
Dailymotion 1.36.12

Official app of the popular video site

YouTube Kids 4.06.6 English
YouTube Kids 4.06.6

YouTube's application for children

Rutube 4.2.6 English
Rutube 4.2.6

The Russian YouTube

Youku 7.6.3 English
Youku 7.6.3

The Chinese YouTube

Ustream 3.2.2 English
Ustream 3.2.2

Play live events and broadcast them on your own channel

Plex English

Control and play your media collection from your phone

Vevo English

Vevo's Android app

vimeo 3.12.0 English
vimeo 3.12.0

Share and manage your streamed videos

Happy Kids TUBE 2.0 English

Help for kids and teenagers

KidsTube 1.0.6 English
KidsTube 1.0.6

A safe YouTube for kids

Daily Cast 3.0.3 English
Daily Cast 3.0.3

Daily selection of YouTube and Vimeo videos

HomeTube 1.0.0 English
HomeTube 1.0.0

Restrict inappropriate YouTube contents

KIDOZ TV 2.3.4 English
KIDOZ TV 2.3.4

Great collection of videos suitable for your kids

niconico 5.04.0 English
niconico 5.04.0

Japanese online video platform

PAUL 3.3 English
PAUL 3.3

Discover the suggestions that this app has prepared for you

WIV - Watch Funny Videos 1.3.4 English

An application to watch, download and share funny videos

bilibili 2.1.1 English
bilibili 2.1.1

As much anime as you can imagine, in Chinese