Security Applications for Android (Page 10)

Protect your smartphone or tablet against dangers such as malware, spyware, phishing or viruses with these applications that keep your data safe

SafeInCloud 20.8.5 English
SafeInCloud 20.8.5

Password manager for your different accounts

Citizen 0.1058.0 English
Citizen 0.1058.0

Get public safety notifications on your Android

AppBlock 5.1.5 English
AppBlock 5.1.5

Block apps and websites to avoid distractions

VPN Easy 2.2.0 English
VPN Easy 2.2.0

Navigate safely and privately

Unseen 2.6.9 English
Unseen 2.6.9

Read messages on your messaging apps without anyone knowing

Tweakware 80 English

VPN service for Android

Ultra AppLock 6.0 English

Protect your privacy by locking applications

VIP Access 4.1.8 English
VIP Access 4.1.8

Protect your online activity with an extra authentication process

Have I Been Pwned 1.9 English

How to find out if your email or passwords have been compromised

Shuttle VPN 2.6 English

Navigate with security and privacy

Super Backup: SMS and Contacts 2.3.05 English

The tool you need to back up your mobile device

VPN EARTH 1.3.600 English
VPN EARTH 1.3.600

The protection and security you need to browse the internet

One Security English
One Security

Protect your Android against virus and invasions of privacy

YYP2P English

Control IP security cameras with your mobile phone

Dr.Capsule English

Detect any threats with this simple antivirus software for Android

KeepLock 4.9.0 English
KeepLock 4.9.0

Keep intruders out of your Android

Vault English

Manage your money and payments from this app

Yandex.Key 2.7.0 English
Yandex.Key 2.7.0

One-time use password generator

Be Closer 3.3.16 English
Be Closer 3.3.16

Always know the location of your loved ones

WPScan 2.0 English
WPScan 2.0

Check the security of your WordPress website

Nipper 1.4 English
Nipper 1.4

Check your website security with your Android

Norton Password Manager 7.5.0 English

Password manager by Norton

Snap VPN English
Snap VPN

Protect your internet connection with this VPN

AVG Secure VPN 2.49.6280 English
AVG Secure VPN 2.49.6280

Browse privately and anonymously on Android

Tencent WeSecure English
Tencent WeSecure

The Android antivirus developed by Tencent

Comodo Mobile VPN Security 5.2.0042 English

An antivirus with a VPN service from Comodo

MMGuardian 3.6.75 English
MMGuardian 3.6.75

Control what your kids do on their phones

Kids Place 3.5.8 English
Kids Place 3.5.8

Turn your Android into a safe are for kids

Norton Family English
Norton Family

Control your kids' online activities

Kaspersky SafeKids English
Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky's parental control app

Qustodio English

Parental control application for Android

StopAd 1.0.332 English
StopAd 1.0.332

Block adverts in apps and browsers

ZPN VPN 5.0.1 English
ZPN VPN 5.0.1

Improve your online privacy

E2PDF 19.08.2020 English
E2PDF 19.08.2020

Backup your contact list, message and call logs, and almost any data in your cell

ApkShare 20220105 English
ApkShare 20220105

Share your applications and create backups

MAX Security 2.2.4 English

Remove viruses and improve your Android's functioning

Apk Extractor Lite 4.0 English

Extract APKs from the apps installed on your phone

ML Manager 3.3.1 English
ML Manager 3.3.1

Extract APKs of the apps installed on your files

App Backup Restore Transfer 6.7.8 English

Make backups of your APKs

Calculator - Photo Vault 3.2.1 English

Hide photos and disguise them as a calculator