Security Applications for Android (Page 12)

Protect your smartphone or tablet against dangers such as malware, spyware, phishing or viruses with these applications that keep your data safe

My Passwords 20.11.03 English
My Passwords 20.11.03

All your passwords under a master key

PasswordBox English

Manage your passwords safely

Privacy Scanner English
Privacy Scanner

Scan your phone searching for spyware

Hideman VPN 6.0.2 English

Browse anonymously and without censorship

Ignore No More 15 English

Force your kids to be responsible

CONAN mobile 0.8.2 English

Audit the potential danger of your applications

Malwarebytes Security English

Protection against malicious applications

Stop SMS Scam 1.28 English

Avoid fraudulent applications sending SMS

TunnelBear VPN 3.5.31 English

Avoid geographic restrictions while you protect yourself

Sophos Mobile Security 9.6.3366 English

Efficient and simple antivirus for Android

Latch 2.2.4 English
Latch 2.2.4

Protection for your user accounts

Nero BackItUp English
Nero BackItUp

Nero's backup solution for Android

Encrypt File 1.0.9 English

Encrypt files that shouldn't be opened by others

Seecrypt English

Encrypt your phone communications

Lock for WhatsApp 2.6 English

Application to lock WhatsApp

Clueful 2.6.92 English
Clueful 2.6.92

Protection for your personal data

TUN.ko Installer 2.2 English

Load the tun module necessary to use VPN applications

Lemon Wallet 9.2.16 English
Lemon Wallet 9.2.16

Create a backup of your cards

LINE Antivirus 2.1.9 English

Defend your Android against malware

Lookout 10.37.1 English
Lookout 10.37.1

Keep your smartphone safe from viruses and other malware

SMS Backup 1.5.11 English
SMS Backup 1.5.11

Store all your text and multimedia messages

Prot-On 2.9.5 English
Prot-On 2.9.5

Control how your files are used

IP Cam Viewer 7.1.1 English

Control your security camera from your phone