Security Applications for Android (Page 5)

Protect your smartphone or tablet against dangers such as malware, spyware, phishing or viruses with these applications that keep your data safe

Oreo VPN 2.5.4 English
Oreo VPN 2.5.4

The sweetest VPN service

NoRoot Firewall 4.0.2 English

Monitor all of your phone's connections

Mythic VPN 1.7.3 English
Mythic VPN 1.7.3

Access to web pages blocked for geographical reasons

UFO VPN 3.5.0 English
UFO VPN 3.5.0

Protect your privacy online with this VPN

LOCKit 2.3.58_ww English
LOCKit 2.3.58_ww

Lock access to all your applications

HTTP Custom 3.6.26 English
HTTP Custom 3.6.26

Protect your Internet session

GoLocator 2.8.0 English
GoLocator 2.8.0

Immediately locate your loved ones

FlyVPN English

Protect your data by connecting to a VPN

Chamelephon 1.0 English

Tool to change your IMEI on your smartphone VPN 3.8.1 English

Connect to a VPN network also on Android

FlashVPN - Proxy 1.4.1 English

VPN connection to browse the Internet without limits

VPN One Click 13.8 English

One of the best apps to browse privately

Orbot 16.6.0 English
Orbot 16.6.0

Connect your Android to Tor by means of a proxy

KidLogger 1.5.95 English
KidLogger 1.5.95

Control what your children do with your smartphone

Fingerprint Scanner 3.0 English

Unlock your phone with your fingerprint

VPN Force 2.1.7 English
VPN Force 2.1.7

Secure, private, anonymous, and fast Internet connection

Microsoft Defender 1.0.4210.0302 English
Microsoft Defender 1.0.4210.0302

Microsoft technology to defend your Android and other devices

Mountain VPN 1.0.0 English

A VPN for a fast, stable, and secure Internet connection

KeyNote 1.1.0 English
KeyNote 1.1.0

A VPN for a secure, stable, and private connection

Fire VPN 1.0.1 English
Fire VPN 1.0.1

Connect to the internet securely and with total freedom

Kaspersky Password Manager English

Passwords and files always at hand and always safe

speedfiy 1.0.4 English
speedfiy 1.0.4

Fast proxy servers in different countries around the world

Ultra VPN 4.9.0 English
Ultra VPN 4.9.0

Protection and privacy in your Internet connection

Google Play Protect S.8.playstore.pixel3.421847271 English
Google Play Protect S.8.playstore.pixel3.421847271

Google's antivirus that integrates into your services

AdGuard VPN 2.0.133 English
AdGuard VPN 2.0.133

Surf the web protected by a VPN

InternetGuard 2.27 English

A firewall for Android that doesn't require a root

AFWall+ 3.5.2 English
AFWall+ 3.5.2

A firewall with customizable options for Android

HTC Transfer Tool 7.0.1118500 English
HTC Transfer Tool 7.0.1118500

Transfer files from your Android to your new HTC

Galaxy VPN 2.0.3 English
Galaxy VPN 2.0.3

VPN service to use the Internet with privacy

VPN 360 2.20.0 English
VPN 360 2.20.0

Connect to the Internet over a secure and private way

XY VPN 1.7.332 English
XY VPN 1.7.332

A free and secure VPN for your Android

Incognito Spyware Detector 2.20.3 English

Make sure no one is spying your Android

Cell Spy Catcher 3.5.3 English

Protect your Android from IMSI Catchers

personalDNSfilter English

DNS filter for blocking ads

Virus Hunter 1.46 English

Anti-virus app with functions for optimizing Android

ProxyDroid 3.2.0 English
ProxyDroid 3.2.0

Set up a proxy on your Android

Combo VPN 4.2 English

Fully configurable VPN for Android

Halley VPN 2.3.7 English
Halley VPN 2.3.7

A VPN to protect your privacy

Google Family Link for children & teenagers 1.58.0.O.410301367 English

The App for Parental Control by Google

Norton App Lock English
Norton App Lock

Add a security bonus to your Android device