Security Applications for Android (Page 8)

Protect your smartphone or tablet against dangers such as malware, spyware, phishing or viruses with these applications that keep your data safe

Sugar 1.0.1 English
Sugar 1.0.1

The sweetest VPN for Android

HomeSafe View 1.3.7 English

Monitor the Swann DVR Surveillance System

AVC 1.25 English
AVC 1.25

Two-in-one antivirus and cleaner

HkH VPN 2.9.8 English
HkH VPN 2.9.8

Connect to the internet without worrying about online threats

Microsoft Family Safety English

Control the digital activity of your family members

FishVPN 3.0.1 English
FishVPN 3.0.1

Surf the Internet securely and anonymously without speed loss

LomVPN 1.5.800 English
LomVPN 1.5.800

VPN with various servers for protecting your interntet connection

TorGuard 1.60.4 English
TorGuard 1.60.4

Protect your online session with this VPN

Rotary Star 1.1.0 English

VPN service for connecting to the internet with peace of mind

Touch Master 1.0.1 English

A VPN for connecting to the Internet securely

MaxSpeedify 1.0.3 English

Get faster private browsing

Vigilante 1.2.4 English
Vigilante 1.2.4

Improve your privacy on Android

Apps Store 0.326991 English
Apps Store 0.326991

Manage the applications installed on your Android

MIPC v8.11.2.2111201520 English
MIPC v8.11.2.2111201520

Mobile video surveillance system

HelloVPN 1.3.1 English
HelloVPN 1.3.1

Quick and easy-to-use VPN to protect your online session

Magic Tool 1.2.7 English
Magic Tool 1.2.7

This is one magical VPN

Dropsync 5.0.10 English
Dropsync 5.0.10

Sync your files with Dropbox to make backup copies

Goat VPN 3.3.1 English
Goat VPN 3.3.1

Private, fast, and secure Internet connection

Tile 2.90.2 English
Tile 2.90.2

The app that helps you find those things you always lose

Sharetube 1.0.1 English
Sharetube 1.0.1

A fast, secure, and private internet connection

STREAMit 1.1.0 English
STREAMit 1.1.0

Surf freely without sacrificing speed

Volcano VPN 1.0.1 English

Connect to the internet using VPN servers from around the world

IP Webcam Acid 2.5 English

Use your old Android as a security camera

Camy 3.4.3 English
Camy 3.4.3

Set up a live video surveillance system with an old cell phone

USB Camera 10.3.0 English
USB Camera 10.3.0

Use a mobile as a camera for your PC

Daily VPN 3.3.1 English
Daily VPN 3.3.1

Protect your mobile Internet connection

Mobiwol 5.51 English
Mobiwol 5.51

A firewall for Android that does not require root

Dormi 3.4.3 English
Dormi 3.4.3

Turn your Android into a baby monitor Authenticator 1.5.5 English

Protect your accounts with the 2FA system

Thumb VPN 1.0.1 English
Thumb VPN 1.0.1

Safeguard your online identity

NordPass 3.33 English
NordPass 3.33

A bomb-proof password vault

SurfFast VPN 1.1.6 English

Hide your online activity with a VPN

Enpass English

User-friendly password manager for cellphones

Keepass2Android 1.09b-r2 English
Keepass2Android 1.09b-r2

Store and protect your passwords with Keepass2Android

VPN Inf 5.4.126 English
VPN Inf 5.4.126

Surf anonymously with this VPN app

VirusTotal Mobile 2.3.8 English

Scan your Android device for malware

Mango VPN 1.0.3963 English
Mango VPN 1.0.3963

Your online privacy safeguarded by this VPN

Total Antivirus Defender 2.6.6 English

Easy-to-use and lightweight antivirus for Android

KeyVPN AppLock 1.3.6 English

Browse safely and protect your apps

xfi Locator English
xfi Locator

Where is your phone?