Security Applications for Android (Page 9)

Protect your smartphone or tablet against dangers such as malware, spyware, phishing or viruses with these applications that keep your data safe

Lost Android 3.25 English

Control and search your Android remotely

BLE Scanner 3.18 English

Locate your bluetooth devices

AVG Protection 6.42.1 English

The most complete protection served up by AVG Antivirus

FamilyTime English

Remote parental control for mobile phones of children

Outline 1.6.0 English
Outline 1.6.0

Configure your own VPN server

SuperNet VPN 1.136 English

Protect your online connection

AntiSocial 2.1.9 English
AntiSocial 2.1.9

Limit cell phone use

Atlas VPN 3.11.5 English
Atlas VPN 3.11.5

Protect your Internet connection with a virtual private network

Pocket Sense 1.0.25 English
Pocket Sense 1.0.25

Get notified if someone takes your cell phone out of your pocket

Third Eye 1.3.11 English
Third Eye 1.3.11

Catch intruders trying to unlock your cell phone without permission

CrookCatcher 2.1.13 English
CrookCatcher 2.1.13

Catch intruders who want to snoop on your cell phone

Lockwatch 6.3.4 English
Lockwatch 6.3.4

Catch intruders trying to unlock your cell phone without permission

Prey 2.3.5 English
Prey 2.3.5

Protect your mobile against theft and loss

Privary English

Protect the privacy of your files

iSecurity 1.8.9 English
iSecurity 1.8.9

Privacy, security, and optimization on your Android

ParentsKit 2.1.9 English
ParentsKit 2.1.9

Parental control app to monitor children's online activity

Ring 3.50.1 English
Ring 3.50.1

Use your phone to see who is on the prowl in your neighborhood

WardenCam 2.8.10 English
WardenCam 2.8.10

Turn an old cell phone into a security camera

2FAS Authenticator 3.12.0 English

Two-step verification system for smartphones

LastPass Authenticator 2.5.0 English

Two-step verification system for smartphones

Avast SecureLine VPN 6.41.14117 English

Protect your connection with the Avast VPN

Private Photo Vault 3.2.2 English

Protect your photos and videos from the eyes of others

Duo Mobile 4.16.0 English
Duo Mobile 4.16.0

Protect access to your user accounts with dual authentication

Safe Gallery 5.5.2 English

Protect your Android's content

FotoX 8.2 English
FotoX 8.2

Hide your photos and videos

Gallery Lock 5.1 English

Protect your Android photos and videos

Stay Focused 7.1.0 English

Stop being distracted with your smartphone!

Perfect AppLock 8.0.5 English

Protect your apps with a password

BlockSite English

Stop being distracted by your cell phone

HelpMeFocus 3.1.7 English

Blocks apps and improve your concentration

AppLocker 5309u English
AppLocker 5309u

Lock access to your Android applications

AppDetox 4.2 English

Block applications to concentrate

Block Apps 5.0.0 English
Block Apps 5.0.0

Improve your productivity by blocking applications

Protectstar Anti Spy 3.0.5 English

Anti-spyware scanner for Android

DNS Switch 1.6.3 English
DNS Switch 1.6.3

Set up your own DNS server

dnspipe English

Improve your Internet connection by changing the DNS server of your Android

DNS Manager 1.8 English

Improve your internet connection by changing your DNS

Engelsiz 2.0.3 English
Engelsiz 2.0.3

Application with which you can change the DNS

Intra 1.3.4 English
Intra 1.3.4

Protection against Android DNS tampering

Nebulo English

Safeguard your DNS queries sent to the target server