The best apps to watch Series and Movies for free on Android

A long list of free apps to watch the latest episodes of your favorite series and the best movies, whether classics or recent premieres, and without paying a single cent

Pelis Magnet 0.3.0 English

An alternative to Popcorn Time on Android

123Movies 2.0 English

Online movies ready to be downloaded

Terrarium TV 1.9.10 English
Terrarium TV 1.9.10

Watch your favorite movies and series on your Android

RedFlix TV 3.0 English

Watch free movies and series on your Android

Popcorn Time 3.6.10 English
Popcorn Time 3.6.10

Online movie and series service

Movie Fire 3.0 English

The latest movies and TV shows for free

Dutafilm 1.0 English

Movies, series and cartoons totally free

Popcornflix 7.18.703 English
Popcornflix 7.18.703

Watch and download movies for free

MegaBox HD 1.0.5 English
MegaBox HD 1.0.5

Hundreds of movies and TV series for free

MovieShot 1.0 English

Lightweight app for watching movies, series and TV channels

Show Box 5.35 English
Show Box 5.35

Watch movies and series on Android for free

MovieTopper V12 English

Indian and American films on your Android for free

Stremio 1.5.8 English
Stremio 1.5.8

Movies and series online from your Android

MediaBox HD 2.5 English

All kinds of free series and movies on your Android

OneBox HD 1.0.1 English
OneBox HD 1.0.1

TV series and movies for free on your Android

Soap2day 9.1.2 English
Soap2day 9.1.2

App to enjoy recorded TV series, movies, and even sports events

Newest Movies HD 6.1 English

All series and movies in original version

HDtv 2.0 English
HDtv 2.0

Application to watch series, movies and live TV

Tele Latino 3.9.1 English

App for watching series, movies and live TV

PlayBox HD 3.4 English

All sorts of free movies on your Android

Cartoon HD 3.0.3 English
Cartoon HD 3.0.3

Free alternative to Netflix or HBO

Morph TV 1.78 English
Morph TV 1.78

Online movies and series that you can also download for free

TVZion 4.3 English
TVZion 4.3

Series, movies, and anime online for free

Movie Hub 1.4 English

A complete library of movies for Android

MovieMate 1.1.1 English
MovieMate 1.1.1

App for watching movies on Android

MoviesMaza 2.0 English

Series and movies app oriented to the Indian audiences

Tubi TV 4.40.1 English
Tubi TV 4.40.1

Tubi's app for Android to watch movies and series online for free

XX1 Lite 2.1.2 English
XX1 Lite 2.1.2

Free online movies via streaming

Max Movies 1.0.0 English
Max Movies 1.0.0

App to enjoy movies and series of the moment

MovieTube 1.0.2 English
MovieTube 1.0.2

Movies and TV series you can watch for free

KingoTV 1.2 English
KingoTV 1.2

App for watching series, movies and cricket matches

Fast Movies 1.5.0 English

Dozens of movies in original version

CatMouse 2.8 English

Movies and series in their original language

Strix IPTV 19.0 English

App for watching series, movies, and TV online and for free

Sony Crackle 6.1.9 English

Hollywood movies and much more on your smartphone

UKMOVNow 1.61 English
UKMOVNow 1.61

The best movies and TV series on your Android

Black Panther TV 1.13 English

App to watch movies and TV series for free

CotoMovies (Bobby Movie) 2.4.3 English

TV series and movies for free

BeeMovie English

App to download movies for free

KissAsian 0.1 English

App to watch movies and series produced in Asia

CinemaxHD 2.3 English

Application to watch streaming movies for free

Toffu 12.0 English
Toffu 12.0

Enjoy watching the best movies and series on your Android

Dream TV 3.2.17 English
Dream TV 3.2.17

Hundreds of online movies and series for free

Morpheus TV 1.83 English

Movies and series for free on your Android

Movie Hunt 3.0 English

Application to play and download free movies

BlizzTV 2.0.1 English
BlizzTV 2.0.1

Enjoy series, movies and live TV

Wifi Movies 5.6 English

Vast collection of movies via streaming

Xollu 1.0 English
Xollu 1.0

Free TV series and movies online with this app

Filmy 3.4 English
Filmy 3.4

Popular movies and premieres on Android

Movie Play Red 1.0.6 English

As many free TV series and movies as you want on your Android

PlayView 30.0.2 English
PlayView 30.0.2

The app of You Peliculas to watch movies and series online

The Crew 0.3.1 English
The Crew 0.3.1

A very complete Kodi add-on

MovieDroid S 2.0.3 English

Watch the best movies online totally free

ReleaseBB 2.0.0 English
ReleaseBB 2.0.0

Kodi's add-on with movies and TV series

Moviesy 2.0.4 English
Moviesy 2.0.4

A video store in your pocket

Movie! Prime 4.7 English

A platform to watch movies and series for free

Star Cinema 4.1 English

Enjoy movies and TV series from different countries

Airy TV 2.12.5 English
Airy TV 2.12.5

Enjoy free access television content

Ultra TV 1.0.14 English
Ultra TV 1.0.14

Online film, series, TV and radio app

FunBox TV 1.0.1 English
FunBox TV 1.0.1

Enjoy all TV through your Android

Exodus Redux 2.0.3 English

Series, films, documentaries and more online and on-demand content

FlixHouse 1.8 English

App for watching independent movies, documentaries, and TV shows for free

VideoMix 2.7.9 English
VideoMix 2.7.9

Watch movies and TV series for free

Cimabox 4.1.3 English
Cimabox 4.1.3

All the movies and series just a couple of taps away

iflix English

All the videos you want, on your Android

MovieBox 7.6.0 English
MovieBox 7.6.0

Movies and series trailers with downloadable contents

Kokotime 2.2.33 English
Kokotime 2.2.33

Download extensions to watch movies and series for free

Elementum 0.1.86 English
Elementum 0.1.86

Kodi add-on for Android

Qbrowser TV 1.2 English

Movies, series and online TV for free

FilmRise 2.9 English

Take your on-demand television always with you

Exousia 3.0 English
Exousia 3.0

App to watch movies, series, and TV

Morphix TV 2.1.2 English
Morphix TV 2.1.2

Free movies to play on Android

Dramania 8.0 English

Enjoy the best Asian shows and soaps

Apollo TV 1.4.7 English
Apollo TV 1.4.7

Movies and series online via streaming

Vidman 1.3.1 English
Vidman 1.3.1

The best movies come to your Android

Celestial TV 1.0.2 English

App to watch series and movies for free

Watch Movie Faster 2.4 English

Enjoy top movies for free on the screen of your Andoid

Venom 4.4.2 English
Venom 4.4.2

Enjoy the latest movies and series from Kodi

Night Owl 8.4 English

Free movies and series for Android 1.0 English

App to enjoy series and movies for free

Phoenix TV 1.15 English

Free TV series and movies via streaming

Doxcy 1.2.1 English
Doxcy 1.2.1

Information on your favorite movies and TV shows

Fawesome 1.8 English

Free online movie app

SmartFlix 2.0 English

TV series and movies for free

Joker 2.0 English
Joker 2.0

Play TV series, movies and cartoons on your Android

Butter Project 1.0.0 English

The open source project that supports video streaming

Free Movies 1.8 English

Free movies on your Android

My Family Cinema 1.6.1 English

App to play series and movies shared by users

Solex Tv 3.1.2 English
Solex Tv 3.1.2

International movies and TV

Maralix 2.7.4 English
Maralix 2.7.4

Free alternative to Netflix and HBO

HDMV Movies 1.3 English

App for enjoying top movies for free

Berg 3.4.3 English
Berg 3.4.3

App for downloading or watching series, documentaries, and movies online for free

Araflix 2.5 English
Araflix 2.5

Indian app for watching movies online

AlkaicerTV 1.1.2 English
AlkaicerTV 1.1.2

Enjoy the latest series and movies online

CinePrime 1.0.8 English
CinePrime 1.0.8

The best free movies on your Android

The Magic Dragon 1.38 English

More movies, TV and sport

Okubo Mega HD Movies 2.0.1 English

Enjoy top movies absolutely free

Vizer TV 3.1.2 English
Vizer TV 3.1.2

Watch movies and series on your smartphone for free

MoviePlus24 2.0 English

Free movie and online TV app

Lilou TV 3.0 English

Free film and television series service

iFilms 1.1.2 English
iFilms 1.1.2

Series and films in Urdu

StreamIn 10.2 English
StreamIn 10.2

A free online film and series application

WatchMe 1.0.1 English
WatchMe 1.0.1

Enjoy the best movies on your Android

tvioo 3 English

All the cinema in original version and television

MFlix 3.5.5 English
MFlix 3.5.5

Free movies to stream

Watchdl 1.8.0 English
Watchdl 1.8.0

The best TV series and movies for free

MovieTV DL 1.5 English

App for watching and downloading movies and TV shows

Legend TV 2.3 English

Enjoy the best Pakistani TV series

SeriesDroid S2 3.6.8 English

Enjoy your favorite series on your Android

NEW2B 4.4.5 English
NEW2B 4.4.5

IPTV and movie application

Tamilgun 3.0.3 English
Tamilgun 3.0.3

App to watch movies online for free

The Red Queen 5.1 English

An add-on for Kodi to watch movies, series, live television, and sports

Magic TV 1.1.4 English
Magic TV 1.1.4

Lots of movies and series in your pocket

OpenMovies 1.1.1 English
OpenMovies 1.1.1

App to watch and download movies for free

Klede 1.0.8 English
Klede 1.0.8

Customizable movie posters for your cell phone and more

Movcy 1.0.0 English
Movcy 1.0.0

Movies, music, and TV shows all totally free

aDrama 6.1.2 English
aDrama 6.1.2

App to enjoy dozens of Chinese series online

Wolf Pack 8.0 English

Kodi add-on with series, movies, audiobooks and cartoons

ARY ZAP 2.7.1 English
ARY ZAP 2.7.1

Pakistani movies and series

Play Getz 1.1 English

Free movies without any kind of registration

Play 1080 1.4.3 English
Play 1080 1.4.3

App for watching movies for free

Jio Mobile TV 6.6 English

App to watch TV, listen to the radio and download movies

Uranus English

Movies and TV series on your Android

Athena 4.3.0 English
Athena 4.3.0

Enjoy the latest releases and the best series

The CW 3.4 English
The CW 3.4

Another alternative to watch movies and series online

Alvin 0.1.3 English
Alvin 0.1.3

Kodi add-on with hundreds of free movies and series

You Peliculas 5.2 English

Access movies and series from your Android via streaming

Jesus Film Project 3.22.03 English

Movies, short films, and mini-series about the life of Jesus

Amazing Classics 1.2.6 English

Enjoy classic movies and TV shows

Laplaza 1.0.19 English
Laplaza 1.0.19

Add-on to enjoy online movies, series, radio, and television

SilentGhost HD 1.0.0 English

Enjoy watching the best movies and TV series for free

Covenant for Kodi 1.1.34 English
Covenant 1.1.34

Kodi Add-on to watch series, movies, and documentaries for free

FEN 0.0.6 English
FEN 0.0.6

Enjoy the best series and movies online and for free

Gaia 6.0.2 English
Gaia 6.0.2

Addon for Kodi to watch movies, TV series and documentaries online

Flenix 1.0.0 English
Flenix 1.0.0

Watch trailers and check information about the best movies

Marauder 2.1.5b English
Marauder 2.1.5b

Kodi add-on for watching movies for free

Shadow 2.4.4 English
Shadow 2.4.4

Kodi's Addon that gives access to series and movies

METV 1.1.5 English
METV 1.1.5

Enjoy free movies and series with Kodi

Nemesis AIO 13.0.003 English
Nemesis AIO 13.0.003

Movies, series, documentaries, radiom and more

Seren 1.6.7 English
Seren 1.6.7

Premium-quality movies and series using Kodi

Vuclip Search 2.2.18 English

The movies on your phone

Kingdom 1.2.4 English
Kingdom 1.2.4

Access exclusive movies and series with Kodi

PelisDroid S2 3.4.0 English

Free movies on your Android

Numbers English

Movies, TV series, radio and more in Kodi

blackpills 1.6.6 (202) English
blackpills 1.6.6 (202)

A new way of watching TV series

Apex 0.0.10 English
Apex 0.0.10

Enjoy movies, series, and documentaries

Kratos Reborn 1.0.1 English

Documentaries, movies and TV series for free with Kodi

Yoda 1.2.0 English
Yoda 1.2.0

Kodi Add-on to enjoy series and movies for free

Cryptonite 1.6 English

Kodi add-on for watching movies, series and online TV

Nole Cinema 3.0 English

Kodi addon for watching movies