Tools for Android (Page 10)

Download all sorts of tools for Android to be able to modify and optimize different mobile parameters and settings to adapt them to your needs

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip 4.1 English

Extract your compressed files with ease

Ares Wizard 0.0.69 English
Ares Wizard 0.0.69

Kodi Add-on that fixes media center errors

X-plore File Manager 4.23.20 English

A good file manager for your Android

App vault 12.4.1 English
App vault 12.4.1

Create shortcuts to the functions you use most on your smartphone

Chainfire3D 3.3 English

A controller for your phone's GPU

Waptrick 5.0.4 English
Waptrick 5.0.4

Access one of the most popular online resource repositories

Move to iOS 3.1.0 English

The help you need to forget about Android

AnTuTu Benchmark 8.3.9 English

Carry out benchmark tests on your Android

Android Booster English
Android Booster

Improve the performance of your Android

Universal Remote Control 2.0.1 English

Turn your Android into a TV remote control

Island 4.5.4 English
Island 4.5.4

Application cloning tool

CLONEit 2.1.48_ww English
CLONEit 2.1.48_ww

Copy data from one mobile to another

Glary Utilities English
Glary Utilities

An application for optimizing Android performance

HP Smart 7.1.158 English
HP Smart 7.1.158

Print with your HP from Android

Hidden Android Settings 0.1 English

Access hidden settings

Unicode Pad 2.7.0 English

All the Unicode characters

ZenUI Launcher English
ZenUI Launcher

The application launcher developed by ASUS

Microsoft Launcher 6.210101.0.939011 English
Microsoft Launcher 6.210101.0.939011

A great alternative to other launchers

Share Apps 1.1.13 English
Share Apps 1.1.13

Send the APKs of your apps to other prices

Link2SD 4.3.4 English
Link2SD 4.3.4

Free storage space by moving applications to your SD card

Zero Launcher 3.75 English

Small, fast and attractive launcher for Android

Wear OS (Android Wear) English
Wear OS (Android Wear)

Synchronize your smart-watch and your phone

Smart RAM Booster 7.6 English

Clean the RAM with just one click

BTS Wallpaper 23.0 English

More than 1,000 BTS wallpapers

vFlat 0.7.7 English
vFlat 0.7.7

Easy-to-use, well-functioning scanner and OCR

Settings App 1.0.158 English
Settings App 1.0.158

Configure applications individually

Fast RAM Cleaner 32.0 English

App for optimizing phone perfomance

Daywise 3.8.1 English
Daywise 3.8.1

Stop getting stressed out with hundreds of notifications

B1 Archiver 1.0.0132 English
B1 Archiver 1.0.0132

Tool to compress and decompress files on your Android

APK Parser 1.0.4 English
APK Parser 1.0.4

Analyze any APK code

EZCast English

Share multi-media content with other devices

W2 Emoji Changer 1.0.4 English

Emoji library for Android

GIF Live Wallpaper 2.53.00 English

Set GIF animations as your smartphone's wallpaper

Loader Droid 1.0.1 English

Efficient download manager for Android

Mi Remote controller English

The Xiaomi universal remote control

iLauncher 4.1.0 English
iLauncher 4.1.0

Give your Android the aspect of an iPhone

ES Disk Analyzer English

Analyze the storage of your Android and delete useless files

Bluetooth Auto Connect 5.9.0 English

Manage your connection to Bluetooth devices

CM Transfer English
CM Transfer

Easily send files to your friends

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile English

How to transfer data from an old device to a new Samsung Galaxy